Monday, July 16, 2018

Tenant Letter: Rats, Non-functioning A/C, Contact Info, What to do

Dear Neighbors,
During the past 4-6 weeks there have been several incidents reported of rats in apartments. In two cases both people were woken up with rats on their bodies. One incident was in Building 143 in Apt #3G (right over Noi Due) and the second incident was Apt #4C.
Several other tenants in both buildings #2020 and #143 have seen either mice or rats.
Some of you have pets and don’t want the poison. However, you can have the poison bullets placed *behind* your stoves and *behind* the radiators.
Additionally, you should have the exterminator (or the super, his assistant or someone you hire) also place steel wool and cover any and all openings. All of our HVAC units may have 1 or 2 openings that need to be covered. I had a visit from ABC Management’s ‘Metro Pest Control’ yesterday and insisted they do BOTH the poison bullets and the steel wool (which I had to purchase from Loew’s before they arrived in my apartment).
The HVAC unit (which is really the very large 15,000 lbs monster that sits on the roof of #143 and which has virtually destroyed our roof and created on-going leaks (condensation) into almost all of our apartments is broken for the 3rd time this summer.


AS A TENANT YOU HAVE RIGHTS TO A HABITABLE APARTMENT >> you can purchase a window unit and deduct this from the rent. It is called “Repair and Deduct”. I have been using this method personally for repairs that have been repeatedly ignored by my landlord.
As long as you write to the landlord requesting relief and the landlord does not provide same (it is also good to send a letter via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested), you may initiate a REPAIR AND DEDUCT remedy so that you can fix the issue yourself and keep the apartment in “habitable” condition.
Nothing works better than to contact 3-1-1 (The City of New York’s Housing and Preservation office) who then contacts our landlord, ABC Properties, and who then (because they don’t want a fine) repairs/maintains/responds to the issue at hand.
Here is the url and I urge you to file a complaint:
This goes for all other issues, mice, roaches, flies, bees, leaks, peeling paint, water damage, broken incinerator, faulty elevator, broken front door, etc.
As you all know Max, our super, has been ill for almost one year. His son, Brian, has valiantly taken on his responsibilities. 

TO REQUEST HELP it helps to contact Max or Brian directly:

Brian’s phone # 917-285-4711

Max’s phone # 646-510-6665

ABC Properties office # 212-246-2801
I have personally found by speaking with many of you and from personal experience that contacting Jozef Zagreda does not result in either a response or a repair.
Therefore I urge you to contact the super(s) of our buildings (repeatedly) who will then contact management on your behalf. 

**CONTACTING IMMAC REALTY ( CAMMI MARLIN) IS A WASTE OF TIME** This is a commission-based broker and not part of management.
Please feel free to share, forward this email and information to your neighbors who are also experiencing many of our on-going issues.
Should you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Kirby Sommers


Cornfeld Tenants Association












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