Friday, May 4, 2018

Tenant Complaint | William

I have recently gotten out of a lease with these criminals and I can say for sure they did everything within their power to make it a miserable experience.  They might have returned 1-2 calls over the course of the lease - I had tried contacting them close to 50 times.

The only reason they would respond would be after I threatened to withhold payment of rent.  They were also very rude every time I got through to the front desk.  They also lie every time they promise something - I want to withhold specifics because I am currently taking them to court for wrongful charges they put on my bill for no reason and refuse to explain why other than demanding more money.

I'm quite aware that people in the real estate business in NYC are overall pretty awful - also aware that is a gross generalization, but many people feel this sentiment - but after my experience with ABC I can say they have set the bar to a new low.  Be warned, they are criminals.

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