Monday, May 7, 2018

Tenant Complaint | Noi Due

Mr. Morici,

I have attached herewith 6 photos.

The first 4 photos (taken the last three mornings to date) show the front of the residential building 143 West 69 Street and how your client, Noi Due, has created a serious health hazards for the residents of the above mentioned buildings and for the block as a whole.

It was my belief, as per your email, that Golan Chetrit and Imam Chetrit (proprietors of Noi Due and Noi Due Carne) would no longer place garbage in front of the building. This, as can be clearly seen, has not been the case. They have not complied. They show no attempt to comply.

Additionally, please note, we have videos and other photographic evidence showing at least a dozen rats scurrying away from under Noi Due's black garbage bags when Progressive Waste picks up their trash bags. The rats, as is evidence by the attached photos, claw through the bags to get at the food which is why you see the food littering our street (in front of the building, no less), with the residual rat grease/slim left behind.

I spoke with a representative of Progressive Waste about our concerns with the rat infestation (which has been exacerbated by this "doubling down" -- as one tenant so aptly put it) of Noi Due's continued presence and the addition of a second restaurant. Progressive Waste suggested that Noi Due replace the plastic bags with containers to deter the rats. 

We are herewith requesting Noi Due immediately replace their plastic bags with containers for both locations. 

We also request they separate their garbage into two piles as Noi Due Carne is located at 141 West 69 Street (which is another building entirely).

We also request Noi Due cease and desist from using the front of the building at 143 West 69 for any garbage removal purposes -- whether that is dragging, placing, anything that has to do with any refuse -- it cannot be done in front of the entrance to our small residential building.

There is a large tree area in front of Noi Due (which can be removed), there is the front of his other restaurant next door, there are other areas Chetrit can leave the garbage (in proper receptacles). Places where it will not cause such a large problem for the residents of 143 West 69 Street who have to walk of out of the building every morning and literally be assaulted by the stench of rotten food, the remnants of their garbage, as they step on rat feces.

This rat infestation caused by the inadequate storing and disposal of food affects every building on our block as well as our sister building, 2020 Broadway -- as we share a common space in the alley.


Every Saturday (see 2 photos of the food sitting in the exterior lobby of Noi Due) they leave their food delivery in open boxes under the scorching sun and they do not take it into their restaurant and properly refrigerate it until Sunday. (Photo taken July 22nd). This is a rat/rodent haven.

Please note: this is against the law. It is against food code. They will be issued violations for their continued disregard of how to properly store and maintain their food.

With prices at Noi Due Carne as high as $69 for an entree -- it would be to their benefit to store their food adequately and to prevent the on-going rodent infestation. None of their patrons, I am sure, would continue to go to their restaurants should they know the truth about the unsanitary conditions. They can fool the Health Department when they visit, but we have photographic / video evidence showing otherwise.

Again, I emphatically state, we wish to resolve these issues with Noi Due promptly and in an amicable manner.

If he continues to disregard the safety of the people who live here and the safety of his own patrons, we have no recourse but to go public and use any and all available means of remedy.

In closing I would be remiss if I did not state that my life was threatened by a man who claimed to be Golan Chetrit's brother. I will not tolerate any harassment on the part of your client and if I even hear the smallest remark about someone hurting me or any of the tenants I will immediately contact the police department.

I anticipate you will respond to this email in a timely manner.


Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023
(Above letter sent to Noi Due's attorney, Michael Morici) 



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