Friday, May 4, 2018

Tenant Complaint | Nicole

"I lived in one of their buildings and it was a bad experience.  It is a poorly maintained building.  This has gone unnoticed by some tenants who only live their part-time.  I lived there for one year and there were two occasions in which they shut the water off completely without notifying anyone.  When I asked the super's wife about it, since the super was unavailable as usual, she said they had no idea that the plumber would be coming.  But they had to know the guy was coming eventually since they did call him.

Within the first two months I lived there the cops showed up at my apartment for no apparent reason.  One time was at 2:30 in the morning.  I have no idea what any of that was about.  Another odd thing that happened was that one tenant told me that her kitchen shears were stolen.  Of course I didn't believe her.  Until I realized that one cup and my Brita pitcher were stolen!

During that year there were two times, that I am aware of, in which people got stuck in the elevator.  One time it was two people on a hot summer day who were stuck for 45 minutes!

In my bathroom there was a re-occurring leak from the apartment above dripping dirty water all over my toilet that was not fixed properly. Then it leaked again a few weeks later.  There were also a few times they did not turn the heat on despite it being about 40 degrees outside and 50 degrees in my apartment."

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