Friday, May 4, 2018

Tenant Complaint | Jimmy

JIMMY's complaint about ABC: Rented an apartment in Brooklyn, NY

The worst landlords EVER.  This place reminds me of that movie Hostile.  Where everything appears to be ok until you move in and strange things start happening.  Like there's no heat or hot water.  When you ask your landlord about it they say call the owners you call the owners at there 152 W 57th Street office and they tell you the heat is just fine.

On their location on Nostrand Avenue and Gates, the water burst in her apartment.  She was out of a place for 3 months.  They let her leave her lease early.

I had a leak in my apartment for 6 months.  I was the first person to move into the apartment.  They had these SUPER SHADY repairmen to look at the leak, they literally put duck tape on the gash in the roof, to stop the water.  They tarred it up 2 days later but to no surprise the leak was like a conflict in Syria, it just got a WHOLE LOT WORSE.

They were super disrespectful to my girlfriend by not acknowledging her when she was present.  And not being white they help to realize that in more ways than one........On a nutshell these people are the devil who just want your money and want to do no work.

When I moved out they tried to get me to rent another building owned by them.  I simply told them "SUCK MY %(#@!.

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


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