Friday, May 4, 2018

Tenant Complaint | 2020 Broadway | Illegal Brothels

"One of the apartments at 2020 Broadway was one of what I now know has been a pattern of apartments being used for sex. We were keeping a record - it was unbelievable - women of the night were even buzzing our apartment from downstairs and/or  ringing our doorbell in the middle of the night.

We called the police via 911 several times, which would inevitably lead to silence next door and nothing found by the police. This went on until one night when we heard loud slapping and screaming coming from next door, which is when I called the precinct house instead of 911.

A whole slew of cops came, including female police officers. Before they came upstairs, however, the cops rang the apartment where all this was going on instead of our apartment, and then a girl ran past our door naked - I guess she ran up onto the roof, I don't know for sure. The police never found her, but Arthur was in there, and he was trying to rush down the hall to strike my husband, I think, and the police subdued him. After that, nothing ever happened again. The apartment was emptied out and rented to a tenant.

Kirby, my story is between you & me on one level, although others in this building know of this past situation. I actually fear the landlord - who knows what these people are capable of? We once had Vice Squad police come to our door and ask us questions about sex pedaling in the building, so that's how serious it has been."

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