Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rat on Tenant's Neck


A tenant at 143 West 69 Street on the third floor woke up to a rat on her neck a couple of days ago.

A rat. Not a mouse.

Although a pest control company was called into the apartment, ABC Properties, failed, once again to ensure the rats do not enter any of the other apartments. No other apartment received any treatment.

PLEASE KNOW: RATS ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN MICE. They are disease and parasite ridden.

If you see a rat in your apartment DO NOT corner it or it will attack you.

One of our maintenance men was also bitten by a rat.


1.       Request immediate PEST CONTROL from ABC Properties (or pay for one yourself) to keep the rats away.

2.       Plug up any entrances where a rat can come in.

3.       Rats like to hide in between floor boards. All our wooden floor boards are being spread open >> take photos and contact 3-1-1 to get these repaired.


or contact 3-1-1
If you have seen a rat in the common areas of the building where you live or in your apartment, please let us know.

Kirby Sommers, President

Cornfeld Tenants Association

143 West 69 Street

New York, NY 10023

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