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Illegal Entry by ABC Properties: April 2, 2014 | Letter to Alex Cornfeld

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I am still very shaken up by the events of yesterday.
Please note: your employee, Roberto and another man, whom I do not know, took illegal possession of my home by refusing to leave my apartment when I asked them to please pack their things and leave my home at 6:30pm.
Roberto told me that he was “going to stay” and that if I had a problem I would have to call the police to get him out of my home.
I had to call 9-1-1 and get the police to come to my home.
This is 100% illegal and 100% unacceptable.
That is illegal entry, invasion of privacy, harassment, and a host of other very illegal actions that you, as a long-term landlord/owner are certainly aware of. And if it happened to me, I am sure these horrific practices are happening with some of your other tenants.
The repair of the radiator, as per my previous emails to you, was 5 YEARS LATE. And then, without any previous request to enter my apartment, other than a knock on the door yesterday morning at 9am by Roberto, these men took control of my home without giving me adequate information as to the length of time the issue would take to resolve.
There was NO communication. Not by your office, not by your super, and certainly not by these men who occupied my home and denied me the right to privacy, the right to use my apartment, the right to feel safe in my apartment; and who threatened not just my well being, but the well-being of my nephew (who I am presently caring for after his near fatal stroke).
Without access to the bedroom, my nephew could not go to the bathroom (as the stroke left him incontinent), and an urgent doctor’s appointment for him had to be cancelled.
Additionally, my nephew’s medicine was locked in the bedroom (and your men would not give me access to it) (NOTE: he needs certain medications at a certain time…and your men prevented my administering his medication to him at the time he needed to take his meds). Without the right to use my apartment I could not feed my nephew at the appropriate times. These are things that for him could be fatal.
Aside from feeling personally violated, I felt a tremendous stress over the inability of caring for my nephew during yesterday’s horrific fiasco by your offices.
I am outraged.
And, by the way, I am simply stunned that Ian believes he can get into any apartment at any time without the consent of the tenant.
I overheard Ian telling Max to give him access to any apartment, as long as the tenant, “wasn’t home.” This, you know well, is illegal entry.
And although it is not part of what happened to me yesterday displays a chilling side to Ian, Max and perhaps your entire organization of having absolutely no regard to existing tenant laws.
I am ill today. I am trying to get my nephew “back on track.” I need you to respond to this in a courteous and professional manner by voiding this month’s rent and by giving me a rent reduction (which should have commenced in 1991 after the continued ignored requests for help with my broken windows began.
Refusing to make necessary repairs is also ILLEGAL.
Kirby Sommers

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