Wednesday, May 23, 2018

143 West 69 Street #1C New York | Renter Beware

Before you rent this one bedroom apartment, read this blog.

143 West 69 Street #1C, studio for rent, renter beware, rat infested building, plumbing leaks, ceiling collapses, nonresponsive landlord, immac realty

143 West 69 Street #5E | Read this blog | Renter Beware !!

Before you rent this studio apartment, read this blog.

143 West 69 Street #4D, studio for rent, renter beware, rat infested building, plumbing leaks, ceiling collapses, nonresponsive landlord, immac realty

Monday, May 21, 2018

Open Letter to Golan Chetrit, Proprietor, Noi Due Café and Noi Due Carne

 March 31, 2015 protest in front of Noi Due Café because of rat infestation
After we placed the giant 20ft inflatable rat in front of your restaurant on March 31, 2015 the tenants of 143 West 69 Street and our sister building 2020 Broadway (which share the alley where you accept your food deliveries) sincerely believed you would get the message:
You paid us lip service. That is all you did. For two weeks you handled your food properly and then you quickly slipped back to your old habits.
Rats and mice carry bacteria, viruses, fleas and can transmit diseases to humans and other animals through biting, droppings, lice, mites and ticks. Some of the diseases are salmonella, hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bite fever and the plague.

Three and a half years after you personally told me that you were going to have someone in your restaurant to receive your food deliveries in the mornings – you have yet to do so.

In this past week four women in four different apartments right above your restaurant have rats in their apartments. One woman woke up with a rat on her neck. From the time you opened your first restaurant in 2009 our buildings have been besieged by rodents.
Noi Due food receiving area in the alley between 143 West 69th Street and 2020 Broadway
You are responsible for creating a rodent and a garbage problem and you owe it to the residential tenants who live in these buildings as well as to your unsuspecting clientele to maintain your restaurants vermin free.
You are responsible for receiving and storing your food in a way that does not place either the tenants, their pets, or your customers health at risk.

The Department of Health and Human Services has been contacted and we will not stop with this letter. We will contact every city agency, every news outlet, every single resource at our disposal to get you to comply with safety procedures and to properly run your restaurants.
If you do not take proactive steps to stop the rats from invading our homes, we will have a Rat Rally every week in front of your restaurants until you understand the seriousness of this situation and take proactive steps to solve the problem.
If you continue to ignore our pleas we will start a BOYCOTT of your restaurant until the authorities shut you down.
It is to your advantage as well as to the people who work for you and your patrons to take this matter very seriously and address it once and for all.
We the tenants who have to share our space with you are fed up and we will not take it anymore!
Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association

Friday, May 11, 2018

"I Survived the Rats" Tote Bags Now Available

Our "I survived the Rats" tote bags are now available!

To order please send an email to cornfeldtenants (at) gmail (dot) com and let us know if you want 143 West 69 Street or 2020 Broadway.

Each bag is $25.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rat on Tenant's Neck


A tenant at 143 West 69 Street on the third floor woke up to a rat on her neck a couple of days ago.

A rat. Not a mouse.

Although a pest control company was called into the apartment, ABC Properties, failed, once again to ensure the rats do not enter any of the other apartments. No other apartment received any treatment.

PLEASE KNOW: RATS ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN MICE. They are disease and parasite ridden.

If you see a rat in your apartment DO NOT corner it or it will attack you.

One of our maintenance men was also bitten by a rat.


1.       Request immediate PEST CONTROL from ABC Properties (or pay for one yourself) to keep the rats away.

2.       Plug up any entrances where a rat can come in.

3.       Rats like to hide in between floor boards. All our wooden floor boards are being spread open >> take photos and contact 3-1-1 to get these repaired.


or contact 3-1-1
If you have seen a rat in the common areas of the building where you live or in your apartment, please let us know.

Kirby Sommers, President

Cornfeld Tenants Association

143 West 69 Street

New York, NY 10023

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fire Protection | Old Law Tenement Buildings

Sec. [D26-20.07] 27-2044 Fire protection in certain old law tenements
a. In every old law tenement, which is, less than four stories in height:
(1) Every door opening into any entrance hall or stair, or into any public hall connected therewith, shall be self-closing; every glazed opening or glazed panel in such a door shall be glazed with wire glass, and every transom opening upon any public hall shall be glazed with wire glass firmly secured in a closed position; and
(2) Every interior sash, or opening other than a door, in the walls or partitions of any such hall, and every window in any such hall not opening to the outer air, shall be removed and the openings closed up and fire-retarded, and
(3) The ceiling of the cellar, or if there is no cellar, of the basement or other lowest story, shall be fire-retarded unless such ceiling already has been plastered or covered in a manner satisfactory to the department with plasterboard or gypsum board at least one-half inch in thickness.
b. In every old law tenement which is four stories or more in height:
(1) On all stories above the third story, every apartment door opening into any stair or into any public hall connected therewith, unless such stair or public hall is protected by an approved sprinkler system shall have a fire resistance rating of at least one hour. Existing door frames in good condition may be retained. All such doors shall comply with this requirement, not later than November second nineteen hundred seventy-three.
(2) For all stories below the fourth story, any application for an alteration permit for alterations to be made in an apartment below the fourth story shall include the provision that every door of such apartment opening into any entrance hall, stair or into any public hall connected therewith, unless such entrance hall, stair or public hall is protected by an approved sprinkler system, shall have a fire resistance rating of at least one hour. Existing door frames in good condition may be retained.
(3) Where apartment doors having a fire resistance rating of at least one hour are required, every transom opening upon any entrance hall, stair or public hall connected therewith shall be sealed and fire-retarded. All other transoms opening upon any entrance hall, stair or public hall connected therewith shall be glazed with wire glass and permanently sealed in a closed position.
(4) All doors opening into any entrance hall, stair or into any public hall connected therewith shall be self-closing; every glazed opening or glazed panel in such a door shall be glazed with wire glass.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Tenant Complaint | Apartment Burglarized

"Hi Kirby,

My apartment was burglarized about two years ago as well while I slept and the detective checked the cameras in our lobby and said that no one came into the building during window of time when the robbery happened.

About 3,000$ worth of electronics was stolen.

Just thought you should know."

Name Withheld

Tenant Complaint | Dog urine smell

"Hi Kirby,

I live in 2020 Broadway and I wanted to inform you that the elevator has been smelling of dog urine everyday for the past two months.

I'm not sure what to do about this situation. I've been living in the neighborhood for the past 5 years in doorman buildings and when it comes to this building I can't keep track of the issues. Do you think I should call 311?"

Name Withheld

Tenant Complaint | Noi Due

Mr. Morici,

I have attached herewith 6 photos.

The first 4 photos (taken the last three mornings to date) show the front of the residential building 143 West 69 Street and how your client, Noi Due, has created a serious health hazards for the residents of the above mentioned buildings and for the block as a whole.

It was my belief, as per your email, that Golan Chetrit and Imam Chetrit (proprietors of Noi Due and Noi Due Carne) would no longer place garbage in front of the building. This, as can be clearly seen, has not been the case. They have not complied. They show no attempt to comply.

Additionally, please note, we have videos and other photographic evidence showing at least a dozen rats scurrying away from under Noi Due's black garbage bags when Progressive Waste picks up their trash bags. The rats, as is evidence by the attached photos, claw through the bags to get at the food which is why you see the food littering our street (in front of the building, no less), with the residual rat grease/slim left behind.

I spoke with a representative of Progressive Waste about our concerns with the rat infestation (which has been exacerbated by this "doubling down" -- as one tenant so aptly put it) of Noi Due's continued presence and the addition of a second restaurant. Progressive Waste suggested that Noi Due replace the plastic bags with containers to deter the rats. 

We are herewith requesting Noi Due immediately replace their plastic bags with containers for both locations. 

We also request they separate their garbage into two piles as Noi Due Carne is located at 141 West 69 Street (which is another building entirely).

We also request Noi Due cease and desist from using the front of the building at 143 West 69 for any garbage removal purposes -- whether that is dragging, placing, anything that has to do with any refuse -- it cannot be done in front of the entrance to our small residential building.

There is a large tree area in front of Noi Due (which can be removed), there is the front of his other restaurant next door, there are other areas Chetrit can leave the garbage (in proper receptacles). Places where it will not cause such a large problem for the residents of 143 West 69 Street who have to walk of out of the building every morning and literally be assaulted by the stench of rotten food, the remnants of their garbage, as they step on rat feces.

This rat infestation caused by the inadequate storing and disposal of food affects every building on our block as well as our sister building, 2020 Broadway -- as we share a common space in the alley.


Every Saturday (see 2 photos of the food sitting in the exterior lobby of Noi Due) they leave their food delivery in open boxes under the scorching sun and they do not take it into their restaurant and properly refrigerate it until Sunday. (Photo taken July 22nd). This is a rat/rodent haven.

Please note: this is against the law. It is against food code. They will be issued violations for their continued disregard of how to properly store and maintain their food.

With prices at Noi Due Carne as high as $69 for an entree -- it would be to their benefit to store their food adequately and to prevent the on-going rodent infestation. None of their patrons, I am sure, would continue to go to their restaurants should they know the truth about the unsanitary conditions. They can fool the Health Department when they visit, but we have photographic / video evidence showing otherwise.

Again, I emphatically state, we wish to resolve these issues with Noi Due promptly and in an amicable manner.

If he continues to disregard the safety of the people who live here and the safety of his own patrons, we have no recourse but to go public and use any and all available means of remedy.

In closing I would be remiss if I did not state that my life was threatened by a man who claimed to be Golan Chetrit's brother. I will not tolerate any harassment on the part of your client and if I even hear the smallest remark about someone hurting me or any of the tenants I will immediately contact the police department.

I anticipate you will respond to this email in a timely manner.


Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023
(Above letter sent to Noi Due's attorney, Michael Morici) 



Tenant Complaint | Noi Due Garbage


I didn't have my phone with me this morning, but there was a stack of restaurant receipts and sliced table bread - as well as general restaurant garbage - directly in front of our building on the ground this morning. You probably saw it!
Thank you for keeping me updated.
(name withheld)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Tenant Complaint | 2020 Broadway | Illegal Brothels

"One of the apartments at 2020 Broadway was one of what I now know has been a pattern of apartments being used for sex. We were keeping a record - it was unbelievable - women of the night were even buzzing our apartment from downstairs and/or  ringing our doorbell in the middle of the night.

We called the police via 911 several times, which would inevitably lead to silence next door and nothing found by the police. This went on until one night when we heard loud slapping and screaming coming from next door, which is when I called the precinct house instead of 911.

A whole slew of cops came, including female police officers. Before they came upstairs, however, the cops rang the apartment where all this was going on instead of our apartment, and then a girl ran past our door naked - I guess she ran up onto the roof, I don't know for sure. The police never found her, but Arthur was in there, and he was trying to rush down the hall to strike my husband, I think, and the police subdued him. After that, nothing ever happened again. The apartment was emptied out and rented to a tenant.

Kirby, my story is between you & me on one level, although others in this building know of this past situation. I actually fear the landlord - who knows what these people are capable of? We once had Vice Squad police come to our door and ask us questions about sex pedaling in the building, so that's how serious it has been."

Tenant Complaint | Apt 5C (143 West 69 Street) Elevator (2015)FYI...

"Our neighbor in 5C was stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes just now until the FDNY got her out.
She entered from the lobby and then the elevator door closed, but didn't rise, and the door wouldn't open, she said.
She pressed the call button, and heard a voice respond, but the responder couldn't hear her.
(I guess she then used her cellphone to get help.  I heard her say that the FDNY had to pry the elevator door open.)
The new door alarm on the roof door was triggered probably due to this.
Apt 5E called Max to turn it off.
At 11:00pm  I heard the alarm go silent."

Tenant Complaint | Nicole

"I lived in one of their buildings and it was a bad experience.  It is a poorly maintained building.  This has gone unnoticed by some tenants who only live their part-time.  I lived there for one year and there were two occasions in which they shut the water off completely without notifying anyone.  When I asked the super's wife about it, since the super was unavailable as usual, she said they had no idea that the plumber would be coming.  But they had to know the guy was coming eventually since they did call him.

Within the first two months I lived there the cops showed up at my apartment for no apparent reason.  One time was at 2:30 in the morning.  I have no idea what any of that was about.  Another odd thing that happened was that one tenant told me that her kitchen shears were stolen.  Of course I didn't believe her.  Until I realized that one cup and my Brita pitcher were stolen!

During that year there were two times, that I am aware of, in which people got stuck in the elevator.  One time it was two people on a hot summer day who were stuck for 45 minutes!

In my bathroom there was a re-occurring leak from the apartment above dripping dirty water all over my toilet that was not fixed properly. Then it leaked again a few weeks later.  There were also a few times they did not turn the heat on despite it being about 40 degrees outside and 50 degrees in my apartment."

Tenant Complaint | MK

A very shady company. This company told me after months of trying to get into my new apartment, at the lease signing that my apartment had bed bugs, minutes away from signing my lease. Little did I know that the entire building has had bed bug issues, which basically means that I will never get ride of them.

A very shady company. This company told me after months of trying to get into my new apartment, at the lease signing that my apartment had bed bugs, minutes away from signing my lease. Little did I know that the entire building has had bed bug issues, which basically means that I will never get ride of them.

"Every time I have to call this company, I always have to speak with a woman and they are the rudest, most reactive ladies I have every dealt with. You cant speak, finish a sentence, or complete a thought without them talking over you and talking to you like a dog. Specially property Manager Sandra B. She is extremely unprofessional, pushy, and rude.

So after a year or so, I had bed bugs come back. If you have every been exterminated, its a hellacious experience. Your basically living in a plastic bag for weeks on end. They company that they employees did a bad job, and right after I came back, all the bed bug migrated to my bed frame I leave out to be treated. They didnt, they left it exactly where it was and didnt even move it.

Living here I have had to throw out 600 dollars worth of furniture. I tried calling today because the molding at the bottom of my walls, the cocking is old, gross, and cracking off, so now its a free for all with roaches and bed bugs in my apartment. I got now where talking to my handy man or Sandra B. Sandra twisted the whole situation around as if I was lying because I haven't contacted them in two years (because everytime I do they are bitches). She said over the counter pesticides done work (they have for me, I have killed so many bedbugs over the years with Raid its insane).

I told her that the handy man was doing to recock the loose areas and since I am due for a repainting (apparently every 3 years) I would but serious paint/primer myself (Killz) to re do my apartment. I offered to PAY OUT OF MY OWN POCKET FOR THEIR INFESTED BUILDING. Sandra acted like I was a idiot saying paint won't solve the bed bugs, well doing 1 apartment in a building with a history of infestation wont either. I have given up with this company a long time ago. I just signed a two year lease and I so regret it. I will always remember this company just how unprofessional and horrible they act overtime you talk to them or interact with them. Just horrible."

Tenant Complaint | William

I have recently gotten out of a lease with these criminals and I can say for sure they did everything within their power to make it a miserable experience.  They might have returned 1-2 calls over the course of the lease - I had tried contacting them close to 50 times.

The only reason they would respond would be after I threatened to withhold payment of rent.  They were also very rude every time I got through to the front desk.  They also lie every time they promise something - I want to withhold specifics because I am currently taking them to court for wrongful charges they put on my bill for no reason and refuse to explain why other than demanding more money.

I'm quite aware that people in the real estate business in NYC are overall pretty awful - also aware that is a gross generalization, but many people feel this sentiment - but after my experience with ABC I can say they have set the bar to a new low.  Be warned, they are criminals.

Tenant Complaint | Jimmy

JIMMY's complaint about ABC: Rented an apartment in Brooklyn, NY

The worst landlords EVER.  This place reminds me of that movie Hostile.  Where everything appears to be ok until you move in and strange things start happening.  Like there's no heat or hot water.  When you ask your landlord about it they say call the owners you call the owners at there 152 W 57th Street office and they tell you the heat is just fine.

On their location on Nostrand Avenue and Gates, the water burst in her apartment.  She was out of a place for 3 months.  They let her leave her lease early.

I had a leak in my apartment for 6 months.  I was the first person to move into the apartment.  They had these SUPER SHADY repairmen to look at the leak, they literally put duck tape on the gash in the roof, to stop the water.  They tarred it up 2 days later but to no surprise the leak was like a conflict in Syria, it just got a WHOLE LOT WORSE.

They were super disrespectful to my girlfriend by not acknowledging her when she was present.  And not being white they help to realize that in more ways than one........On a nutshell these people are the devil who just want your money and want to do no work.

When I moved out they tried to get me to rent another building owned by them.  I simply told them "SUCK MY %(#@!.

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Tenant Complaint | Maggie

TENANT COMPLAINT AGAINST ABC / Arthur Cornfeld / Jozef Zagreda


I moved in (after paying for the apartment a month before I was ready to move in/it sat empty and available for repairs for a month) and the ONE WINDOW in the apartment was broken (and the place was dirty/had pee on the toilet seat even). It took several calls, five email requests to Jozef Zagreda the property manager), missed work for contractors that didn't show up, and living in a sweat lodge due to the heat and lack of airflow from a movable window FOR A MONTH AND A HALF before they fixed it.

No way to escape in case of fire. An apartment well above 80 degrees on most days. I literally bought an evaporative cooling fan that cost 200 bucks so that the place was habitable.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Toilet Broken, April 8, 2014 | 143 West 69 Strret | Hazardous Conditions | Lack of repair

From:kirbysommers <kirby>
To:alexcornfeld alex@xxx
Cc:arthurcorn <arthur.XX>; iandefronze <iandefronze@>
Date:Tue, Apr 8, 2014 10:49 am

Hi Alex,

.........please note: the toilet is broken. Roberto looked at this last week and did not fix it. It has moved from the wall and will, if not repaired, lift up from its anchor causing a flood, not just to my apartment, but to all units on my line.

I would like someone to please come to my apartment and FIX THIS at 2pm today. I DO NOT want Roberto in my apartment as I DO NOT FEEL SAFE with him because of the events of last week and other times/issues I have encountered with him.


Thank you.

Kirby Sommers


From:kirbysommers <kirby>
To:iandefronze <>
Cc:alexcornfeld <alex>>>; arthur <XXXcom>
Date:Tue, Apr 8, 2014 3:42 pm


Your guy was here.

He "fixed" the toilet (a new toilet that was improperly installed by Roberto) -- seal is still on.


Help me please!

Every time one of your men comes here to "fix" something -- THEY LEAVE THE SITUATION WORSE!!

Please help me immediately!!

Thank you!

Kirby Sommers


From:kirbysommers <kirby>
To:alex <alex@>
Cc:alexcornfeld <alex>; iandefronze <>
Date:Tue, Apr 8, 2014 3:47 pm

My toilet does not flush since Ian sent Raul.

Please help me.

Something is coming up into the sink.

I don't know at this point if this is being done intentionally or if it's just incompetence on the part of you and your staff.

I need IMMEDIATE assistance.

Thank you.

Kirby Sommers

Illegal Entry by ABC Properties: April 2, 2014 | Letter to Alex Cornfeld

-----Original Message-----
From: kirbysommers <kirby>
To: alex <>
Sent: Thu, Apr 3, 2014 7:06 am

I am still very shaken up by the events of yesterday.
Please note: your employee, Roberto and another man, whom I do not know, took illegal possession of my home by refusing to leave my apartment when I asked them to please pack their things and leave my home at 6:30pm.
Roberto told me that he was “going to stay” and that if I had a problem I would have to call the police to get him out of my home.
I had to call 9-1-1 and get the police to come to my home.
This is 100% illegal and 100% unacceptable.
That is illegal entry, invasion of privacy, harassment, and a host of other very illegal actions that you, as a long-term landlord/owner are certainly aware of. And if it happened to me, I am sure these horrific practices are happening with some of your other tenants.
The repair of the radiator, as per my previous emails to you, was 5 YEARS LATE. And then, without any previous request to enter my apartment, other than a knock on the door yesterday morning at 9am by Roberto, these men took control of my home without giving me adequate information as to the length of time the issue would take to resolve.
There was NO communication. Not by your office, not by your super, and certainly not by these men who occupied my home and denied me the right to privacy, the right to use my apartment, the right to feel safe in my apartment; and who threatened not just my well being, but the well-being of my nephew (who I am presently caring for after his near fatal stroke).
Without access to the bedroom, my nephew could not go to the bathroom (as the stroke left him incontinent), and an urgent doctor’s appointment for him had to be cancelled.
Additionally, my nephew’s medicine was locked in the bedroom (and your men would not give me access to it) (NOTE: he needs certain medications at a certain time…and your men prevented my administering his medication to him at the time he needed to take his meds). Without the right to use my apartment I could not feed my nephew at the appropriate times. These are things that for him could be fatal.
Aside from feeling personally violated, I felt a tremendous stress over the inability of caring for my nephew during yesterday’s horrific fiasco by your offices.
I am outraged.
And, by the way, I am simply stunned that Ian believes he can get into any apartment at any time without the consent of the tenant.
I overheard Ian telling Max to give him access to any apartment, as long as the tenant, “wasn’t home.” This, you know well, is illegal entry.
And although it is not part of what happened to me yesterday displays a chilling side to Ian, Max and perhaps your entire organization of having absolutely no regard to existing tenant laws.
I am ill today. I am trying to get my nephew “back on track.” I need you to respond to this in a courteous and professional manner by voiding this month’s rent and by giving me a rent reduction (which should have commenced in 1991 after the continued ignored requests for help with my broken windows began.
Refusing to make necessary repairs is also ILLEGAL.
Kirby Sommers

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Department of Building Notes on Roof Damage | 143 West 69 Street | FDNY Agency to Agency Referral

FDNY inspecting load bearing wall in Apt #5G

 The following is from the Department of Buildings (DOB) website regarding the on-going inspection of the roof at 143 West 69 Street and structural damage to the building from the commercial large HVAC straddling building.


April 30, 2018 #1477779

FDNY have filed a high priority referral reporting that cracking of walls and floor buckling have been observed in Apt 5G causing structural concerns. FDNY has provided detailed photos.

April 30, 2018 #1477778

FDNY have filed a high priority joint inspection reporting that roof dunnage under permit 102493035 has been changed with no permits filed. FDNY have concerns of overloading roof.

HPD Inspector writing a violation for roof damage to ABC Properties.

HVAC Condensation and the Problems it causes

HVAC unit on 5 story building showing leaks and condensation damaging the roof. Most if not all of the apartments have water damage. Some of the ceilings have collapsed. Owners non-responsive other than to a) lock the roof to prevent photos from being taken; b) add a camera to harass tenants association; c) continue to allow leaks into apartments in order to chase rent stabilized tenants away.

Rooftop air conditioning units are among the biggest culprits when it comes to roof-related problems. Since rooftop HVAC units penetrate the roof system, the immediate area is obviously at a greater risk for leaking. But additional issues associated with HVAC units — issues that might go undetected during a visual inspection from a maintenance crew member, can also put your roof at risk.

Condensation from HVAC units has to go somewhere, but if it discharges on the roof, it can create localized ponding, which increases the risk of damage. Constant moisture attracts airborne debris, leading to mold, vegetative growth and premature membrane deterioration. It creates unsightly stains and discoloration as well. The solution is to direct HVAC condensation discharge away from the surface of the roof, either through interior discharge lines, when feasible, or by installing condensation lines that direct the discharge to the nearest roof drain.

Adding HVAC Units to an Existing Roof

The ideal time to install HVAC units is during new construction, when the HVAC engineer and the designer can coordinate to ensure that curbs, drainage lines, tubing and electrical access are properly planned for. Adding an HVAC unit to an existing roof is trickier. An improperly installed unit can lead to wind uplift at the separation site and subsequent membrane tears. In regions where the roof is subject to snow loads, adding heavy HVAC units can reduce the roof’s ability to hold as much snow.


Common HVAC-related contributors to moisture problems include:

• Inadequate dehumidification by the HVAC system during humid weather. The resulting high indoor air dew point can lead to condensation, near condensation and mold growth. Comfort problems also are common when the indoor dew point is high because the relative humidity is also high. Occupants often demand lower thermostat settings in an attempt to be more comfortable. This is counterproductive. Lowering the thermostat overcools the building, which increases the risks of condensation, excess moisture absorption and subsequent mold growth. Cold temperatures also further reduce comfort and increase energy costs.

• Leaking return and exhaust air duct connections, leaking indoor air handler compartments operating under suction, and leaking return air plenums. These leaks create suction in building cavities, pulling humid outdoor air into the building where it can condense moisture onto cool surfaces and support mold growth.

• Leaking supply air duct connections and leaking indoor air handler compartments operating under positive pressure. When the weather is hot or humid, these cold air leaks chill surfaces behind walls and above ceilings, creating condensation and supporting mold growth. During cold weather these same leaks can force warm, humid indoor air into cold cavities where it can condense and support mold growth and corrode structural fasteners.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Alley Between 2020 Broadway | 143 West 69 Street | Violations

The alley between 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69 Street is just over-flowing with violations. From an on-going rat infestation caused by the restaurants, to fire escape blocking, to noise complaints. The list is long.

Landlord must tell his restaurant/commercial tenants to maintain the alley and *not* use it. These contain fire escapes from which tenants need access in the event of an emergency.

Now that there are more than one restaurant (the original being only West Side Restaurant/Diner), we are more in danger of a fire.

See photos:

Alley way blocked by workers of Noi Due Café and now Noi Due Carne (illegal fire escapes blocked)
You can see the rats have eaten large portions of the blue bags Noi Due has stored in the alley. Look at bottom bag and top bag. Inspector issued ABC Properties a rodent violation on the day this photo was taken.
Food delivery into West Side Restaurant (on left) while garbage is piled up on right. Fire escape blockage and unsanitary conditions.

Your Right to Join a Tenant Association | Landlord cannot retaliate the way ABC is retaliating

Landlords who run their properties legally and properly have no reason to fear a tenants association. Our landlords, Arthur Cornfeld, Alex Cornfeld, ABC Properties, Broadway 69 LLC., have demonstrated by conduct, non-response, and interactions with tenants that they are in conflict with us having a tenants association.


Your Right to Join a Tenant Association and Other Related Rights

Authored By: Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A
Read this in:
Spanish / Español


Do tenants have the legal right to organize themselves into tenant groups and associations?
Yes. The right of tenants to organize into associations is specifically protected by the laws of New York State, as well as the Constitution of the United States.

Can the tenant association meet in our building?
Yes. The association has the right to meet in common areas of your building like the lobby.

What if the organizers of my tenants' association don't live in my building? Do they have the right to enter my building for meetings?
Yes. The right to organize, like the right of access for labor union organizers, should allow tenant association organizers to enter the building for tenant association meetings.

Can my landlord interfere with the tenants' association?
No. Your landlord may not interfere with your association. In addition, your landlord cannot discriminate against or punish anyone for organizing or joining a tenant association.

Can our association talk to the people in our building and advertise in the building to gain new members?
Yes. The association may ask around for new members. Additionally, posters and other types of advertisements may be displayed in your windows and on your doors in the common halls of the building. However, the law is less clear about whether you can put posters on the outside of the building.

Can the members of the association go on a rent strike or withhold their rent as a group?
Yes, you may exercise your right to withhold rent as a group. In addition, you don't need to ask a court for permission to do this; once the association decides to withhold rent, it may do so. However, your landlord has a right to sue you for nonpayment of rent. If the court decides that you need to pay, your landlord can evict you if you do not have the rent money available.

Should I put my money in a tenant association account?
A tenant association account that is set up the right way helps ensure that everyone has the money set aside. This is important not only so that each tenant is safe, but also so that no tenant is weakening the bargaining position of others in the group. Before making a final decision on whether or not to open a tenant association account, you should consult with an attorney or experienced tenant organizer.

Why else would I want to organize a tenant association?
Tenant associations can help you to:
  • Fight a landlord's attempt to get a building vacated
  • Prove that your apartment is rent regulated
  • File an HP proceeding, as a group, for an order to repair
  • Seek appointment of a "7A" administrator to run the building
  • Make repairs in common areas of the building and deduct the cost of the repairs
  • Obtain repairs from the Housing Preservation and Development's Emergency Repair Program
  • Work together on DHCR complaints for the whole building
  • Pursue informal advocacy including "lawyer letters"
  • Investigate purchasing the building as a group

143 West 69 Steet | HPD Open Violations | Includes Roof, Rodents, Fire Escape Issues

79 Violations | 143 West 69 Street | as of April 30, 2018

There are currently 79 open violations for 143 West 69 Street. This does not include the roof which is still being investigated by various city agencies.

Summary of the Three Classes of Housing Code Violations | Class A, Class B, Class C


  • No peephole in the entrance door of the dwelling unit;
  • Keeping of pigeons, chickens, etc. unlawfully;
  • Improper seat for a water closet;
  • No street number on the front of the dwelling
  • Must be corrected 90 days from the mailing of the NOV.
  • Certification of Correction is required 14 days after this Correction Date.
PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY $10 to $50 per violation per day, from the required correction date until the violation is actually corrected.
  • Inadequate lighting facilities for public halls or stairs;
  • Owner has not provided an approved smoke detector in dwelling unit;
  • Unlawful bars or gates on windows opening to fire escapes
  • Must be corrected 30 days from the mailing of the NOV.
  • Certification of correction is required five days after this Correction Date.
PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY $25 to $100, plus $10 per day, from required correction date until the violation is actually corrected.
  • Inadequate supply of heat and hot water
  • Rodents
  • Peeling lead paint in dwellings where a child under 7 resides
  • Broken or defective plumbing fixtures*
  • Defective plaster*
  • Defective faucets
  • Must be corrected twenty four hours from the mailing of the NOV.
  • Certification of correction is required five days after this Correction Date.
  • $50 per violation per day for buildings with 5 or fewer units; $50 to $150 per violation, plus $125 per violation per day for buildings with more than five units;
  • Heat and Hot Water Violations: $250 per violation per day;
  • Illegal Device on Central Heating System: $25 per day or $1,000, whichever is more.

Sources: NYC Administrative Code §27-2001 through §27-2152, "Housing Maintenance Code; and a preprinted Notice of Violation used by HPD.
* These violations can be classified A, B, or C, depending upon the hazard of the conditions.