Friday, April 13, 2018

Private Investigators, non-repairs, faulty repairs, non responsive landlord, rats, fire hazards + RENT

Rat Rally we held in front of #143 because of the rat, garbage, fire hazards in our buildings. (2015)

Dear Neighbors,
I have been informed by people who know the Cornfelds (ABC Properties), our landlord, that they hired (more than once) a Private Investigative firm named:
 Executive Options

Website here:

To follow me and other people they find to be in their way.

As you all know my apartment fell into disrepair because of retaliation on their part when I formed the Cornfeld Tenants’ Association in 2015 (and perhaps even before then).

I was instrumental in placing a 20 foot inflatable rat in front of the restaurant known as Noi Due at #143 when the rats began to take over along with the garbage and all the fire hazards (2015). Some of you attended, even if you sat huddled in cars, in the lobbies, or watching from the windows. Please do not be afraid to stand up for your right to live free of vermin and other issues.

Press Release of ‘Rat Rally’ here:
Safety concerns re: the commercial spaces with our safety as tenants still exist.

We are stronger together.

I have been advised by other tenant advocates that landlords will try to separate and divide tenants. However, in order to be successful in removing hazardous conditions in our homes (our apartments); it is imperative that we stand united.

I have received many emails from our neighbors and even people who just rent in New York sending communication of on-going support during the past three years.
People are listening. Throughout the city. We seem to have hit a nerve. Renters are fed up. They do not like moving because landlords fail to make repairs.
Moving is costly. Rent is expensive. Broker fees are ridiculous. 
We, as renters in New York City, don’t have to be silent about lack of repairs, faulty repairs, or retaliation in the form of billing errors to our accounts.
Please share this email with your friends who are renters in the city.  Even if they do not live in a Cornfeld/Fisher building.

Together we can leverage our united power.  

That power is called RENT.

Yours truly,

Kirby Sommers, President

Cornfeld Tenants Association

143 West 69 Street

New York, NY 10023



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