Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NYC Department of Housing & Preservation was here today: 5G / Many violations

Inspector looking up at the ceiling leak which Alex Cornfeld looked at in 2015.
April 11, 2018 Inspector from NYC Department of Housing Preservation comes to my apartment to inspect.
"You have snow or something come into your apartment?" the inspector asked.
He was staring at a crack in my livingroom ceiling.
The same crack, which was smaller, about three years ago when Alex Cornfeld first came to my apartment.
I noticed Alex staring up at it. He couldn't take his eyes of it. And seriously, saliva was almost pouring out of both sides of his mouth.
Alex then turned around and looked at my livingroom in full and then took in the rest of my place.
"You have a nice apartment, Kirby."
"Thank you," I naively believed he was giving me a compliment.
One of my neighbors was in the apartment with me three years ago when Alex was here. After he left we both ran back into my livingroom to look up and inspect the area Alex seemed to be so absorbed in.
"It's a crack," my neighbor stated. "It's probably some water damage from the roof."
Then we both laughed because surely that couldn't be possible.
"No way, that was the landlord's son looking at it so no way it can't be water damage," I retorted.
Shows that even as recent as three years ago I was giving the Cornfelds the benefit of the doubt.
No more. No more.
April 11, 2018 Inspector from NYC Department of Housing Preservation comes to my apartment to inspect.
"You own this apartment?" the inspector asked me raising one eyebrow over his glasses.
"You wouldn't be here if I owned this apartment. Why do you ask?"
"Why would you buy replacement parts for the damaged bathroom? That's the landlord's responsibility." He pointed to a new Moen 3 part box I purchased on March 21st. (photo)
"I got that because the bathroom was renovated, well, let me tell you, they say renovated, but I say repair. The ceiling beneath my bathroom collapsed in the apartment below mine."
"Yes, not once but twice. And this is supposed to be a brand new bathroom but it's like a movie set because nothing worked. The handyman pulled out the four pieces in the bathtub shower area and they had holes in them. One even looked like someone had taken a hammer to it. I don't trust my landlord anymore so I went out and bought the replacement parts because I wanted to make sure that damaged parts aren't intentionally used in my apartment."
"My oh my," he shook his head and then gave a once over to the bill on top of the Moen 3 part set sitting next to the bathroom.

Copy of email sent to Arthur Cornfeld and Alex Cornfeld on March 20, 2018 informing them that Roberto had pulled out the four pieces that comprise the bathrub/shower area and that they were all found to be broken. And then after Roberto told me he "fixed it" there were two more things broken.
Photo of video I texted Arthur Cornfeld, landlord (ABC Properties)
on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 4:25pm showing him that now the handle spins (after Roberto left my apartment -- so he broke two more things). The stopper, Roberto told me after I asked him three times is broken. In Spanish he told me (translation) "We would need to break into the ceiling beneath your bathroom to fix that."
April 11, 2018 Inspector from NYC Department of Housing Preservation comes to my apartment to inspect.
The inspector placed a thermometer under the running water in my kitchen sink for several minutes.
"The hot water is in the normal range," he stated.
"You're kidding." I placed my hand beneath the running water. "Hey, it hasn't been this hot for 15 years."
"I believe you. You have hot water today. But tomorrow if you don't have hot water again, call 3-1-1. You have to keep calling us."

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