Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2020 Broadway: A Tenant Letter about Peeling Paint, Hazardous Conditions, Noise and Safety Concerns

I was so excited to rent an apartment at 2020 Broadway as my very first NYC apartment. the location was excellent and the building seemed pretty good. 
A few issues have risen since moving in.

1) Max and his children are extremely inconsiderate. they constantly yell thru the day and night in the hallways causing disruption on the floors. 
2) The ceiling in my apartment has actually peeled meaning the moisture from the vent above me has soaked thru into my apartment causing significant damage (paint failing, actually big paces from the ceiling on my floor).
3) any maintenance in the apartment takes days to complete just because max doesn't answer his phone nor does he return phone calls. 
4) Today was new: I left for work at 7:30 this morning and there was a homeless woman sleeping in the lobby where the mailboxes are in our building. This is obviously very unsettling

I wanted to share my experience as it seems I am not the only person with these issues. Thank you for all you do.
-Anonymous tenant

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