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143 West 69 Street: Ownership Parties / Individuals, Addresses, and a little story about a Fire

143 West 69 Street


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Norma Holzer (husband is the late Rabbi Emanuel Holzer). Holzer was instrumental in beginning the kosher food industry.
Sydell Kleiman 

Jacob Dyckman
Trina Shulamith Cleeman

ADDRESS FOR 2020 Broadway Associates, LLC is 73 West 47 Street. A building owned by Jacob Dyckman. The Dyckmans and the Holzers are related by marriage. 

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73 West 47 Street: Fire and eviction.
Fire and eviction of Alexander Ney (resident of 73 West 47 Street when it was rent regulated and before the apartments were being rented at obscene prices). Read New York Times article 'Having Fled His Homeland An Artist Faces Eviction from His Home.'
Alexander Nay's apartment at 73 West 47th Street after a fire broke out on the roof.
The same apartment at 73 West 47 Street after the "renovations." In 2015 the rental price was $10,500. I would anticipate that in 2018 the price has increased. Is *this* what our collective "landlords" want to do with our apartments/buildings: burn us out or have a roof collapse because of their continued negligence in caring for the buildigns?



NORMA HOLZER, Rabbi Emanuel Holzer NY Jewish Leader Passes
OBITUARY for Rabbi Emanuel Holzer here
On right Rabbi Emanuel Holzer
(Worth noting that Rabbi Holzer was one of the people in attendance during the Rat Rally protest held in front of 143 West 69 to raise awareness of the dirty conditions that the food for Noi Due is kept. And the rats, lets not forget the rats.

Feb 23, 2016 - ... Norma, a Jewish leader in her own right, their daughter, Cheryl Greenfield and their sons Jay, Rabbi David and Rabbi Dr. Barry Holzer. Shiva is being observed until 9 pm Tuesday evening at 20 Shimon Street in Beit Shemesh. Starting Wednesday morning, Shiva is being observed at: 69-69 147th Street

Norma Holzer, Cheryl Greenfield and Dina Dyckman, Prime Minister Yithak Rabin.
Norma Holzer is the daughter of Dina Dyckman. (Do the names sound familiar? These are the names of the "owners" of the buildings were we live).
Rabbi Emanuel Holzer, z'l, NY Jewish Leader, Passes · Hana Levi Julian. Rabbi Emanuel Holzer was one of the first and most active in helping to grow the "kosher food industry" at the OU.


All signs point to the Holzer's, Dyckmans, Cleemans, Kleinmans, and the Cornfelds having ownership interest in the restaurants known as Noi Due and Noi Due Carne.

This makes sense because none of the horrific violations that Noi Due has received - the open crates of food, the blocking of the fire escapes, the noise, the on-going battle between the tenants and Golan Chetrit -- nothing is ever resolved. Things just get worse.

Blocking of fire escapes. All the workers from the two Noi Due restaurants have converted the entire alley into a work station. There are about 10-12 men in the alley at all times. Clattering of bottles, food left open on the ground where rats roam freely. There is zero consideration or concern for the tenants of 143 West 69 Street and 2020 Broadway.

With the one of the silent owners of the building,
Rabbi Emanuel Holzer, having been a founding father of the "kosher food industry" it seems unlikely that any of the flagrant food violations will ever touch Noi Due.

More to come. Stay tuned. Even more outrageous news to be posted shortly.


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