Thursday, June 15, 2017

Letter to Noi Due (143 West 69 Street) illegal garbage dumping

Noi Due garbage piled up in front of residential 143 West 69 Street (violation -- they are supposed to hire a private carting company)

Noi Due,

This is to request that you cease and desist from leaving your garbage in front of the residential building 143 West 69 Street immediately. The residents in the front of the building have the following issues;
1. Smell of rotting food permeating our apartments.
2. Rodents, roaches in our apartments.

It is illegal, as you know, for a commercial restaurant to leave garbage in front of our building. 

RE: YOUR CONSTRUCTION of the restaurant formerly known as ANDANADA. 

You have ZERO permits and yet your renovation begins at 5am.

I have photographic and video evidence of the above illegal transgressions.

Just this morning I brought the garbage issue to the attention of both Jozef Zagreda and our super Max. However I am bringing it to your attention and ask you immediately resolve BOTH issues.

As you know your restaurant was responsible for the infestation of RATS in our alleyway. We do not want to have any more quality of life issues as you are now opening your SECOND restaurant.

Please let me know within 36 hours a) that you intend to solve the above issues and b) how you plan on doing this without creating a nuisance for the tenants in the building.

Thank you.

Kirby Sommers
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023