Saturday, April 21, 2018

2020 Broadway New York, NY 10023 / Broken Front Door Lock / ABC Properties Failure to Repair

Broken front door lock. January 2015.
Broken front door lock, April 19, 2018

Garbage 143 West 69 Street, Part I / Before CTA and early 2015

This is how the sidewalk in front of 143 West 69 Street typically looked before the Cornfeld Tenants Association was created on December 10, 2014 and before *this* blog was up.

After the Cornfeld Tenants Association was created this is how the sidewalk in front of 143 West 69 Street looked in January 2015. Note: that Noi Due Café placed their garbage in front of the entrance. As of the time they leased a second location in front of 141 West 69 Street - they no longer do. Now they place their garbage in front of the steps of 143 West 69 Street - which is illegal.
Garbage piled up in front of 143 West 69 Street / January 2015

Example of an Illegally De-Stabilized Apartment: 143 West 69 Street, #2G

143 West 69 Street #2G (illegally de-stabilized)
Bedroom of #2G after ABC Properties illegally de-stabilized it.
There was a rent stabilized tenant at Apt #2G before the "renovation" of this apartment which as you can see has marble counters.


The tenant took the owners, then known as GIT Industries to court, for an accident sustained in front of our building due to negligence in maintaining the sidewalk adequately.
If you google GIT Industries you will find the lawsuit. In the lawsuit the super, Max, is questioned. (GIT is one of the "reincarnations" of our landlord(s) - who change corporate names frequently).
When this tenant was run out of her rent stabilized apartment, it was put back on the market - after "renovations" by our unlicensed super and his handy man, Roberto.
Apartment #2G was placed on the market by Immac Realty, owned by ABC Properties one time receptionist, on January 20, 2015 for a whopping $2800.00/mo.
The apartment was illegally taken out of the rent stabilization (where it should still belong) and rented out at market rents.
I am including here a photo of my apartment on the same line #5G to show you how my ceiling is ready to collapse despite my repeatedly showing the damage to ABC Properties.
Hallway ceiling in Apt #5G (143 West 69 Street) damaged ceiling walls leaks from unrepaired, neglected roof. (It doesn't take a lot to see that damage to my apartment has been intentional for years in ABC Properties on-going effort to get me to leave. The photo above shows what they "have in mind" to do to my apartment "after" they constructively evict me. This constitutes ILLEGAL HARASSMENT of a tenant. And according to my attorney:" criminal negligence."
 Leak in closet in #5G (which means there is a leak in the "renovated" apartment #2G
Radiator leak in Apt 5G (ceiling collapse beneath my apartment and severe wall damage) - which would probably mean the other apartments got damaged as well; including #2G

The rats, literally, the rats at 143 West 69 Street / 2020 Broadway

Posting some of the rat related photos and videos at 143 West 69 Street and 2020 Broadway. In front of building #143 and in the alley where the restaurants receive their food. Primarily Noi Due Café and Noi Due Carne who leave their crates open and on the ground unattended.

The "Rat Rally" organized by Kirby Sommers, President Cornfeld Tenants Association in 2015.

Friday, April 20, 2018

143 West 69 Street / 62 Open Violations

There are currently 62 open violations for 143 West 69 Street. Will post a url or a screen image shortly.

Not everything shows up on Department of Buildings website.

Some things show up at the NYC Department of Housing and Preservations; and others still at other city agencies.

Re-posting from May 22, 2015: Night of Terror *Crane replacing HVAC as residents of 143 West 69 Street Slept: ILLEGAL

UPDATE April 21, 2018:

May 22, 2015: ILLEGAL CRANE AND CHANGING OUT OF HVAC PART WHILE residents of 143 West 69 Street slept.  
When a crane is used the top two floors have to be VACATED (and the entire building in some cases). This did not happen. I was awakened by the noise at approximately 5am and went to the window. I was terrorized but took photos and videos since I felt it was unsafe to even leave the building as this was happened. In the 2015 post (below) I erroneously thought ABC Properties had "replaced" the larger HVAC with a smaller one. I only just saw the unit on April 19th when an inspector from NYC Department of Housing and Preservation was here. ABC seems to have replaced one "part" -- the large monstrosity still sits on top of this small building.


LETTER SENT TO ARTHUR CORNFELD, owner ABC PROPERTIES the morning they had a crane over the building as we slept. Again we received no notice, no warning of the work they were doing.


I am sure I speak on behalf of every one of your tenants when I say you exercised extreme poor judgment in how you replaced the 15,000 lb HVAC unit on the roof of 143 West 69 Street.

  1. Notice should have been given to tenants 2 weeks before this very dangerous undertaking. Everyone should have been given the option of choosing to stay in their apartments OR FINDING ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATIONS for the night IN THE EVENT OF A CATASTROPHIC ACCIDENT.
  1. Your track record when replacing small HVAC units in apartments or when making other “minor” repairs/renovations is exceedingly bad.

  1. To remove a 15,000 lb monster during the night through early morning hours WHILE INNOCENT PEOPLE slept is a risk you were ill-advised to take.

While you may own the building, you do not have the right to jeopardize anyone’s life.

You do not have the right to endanger even one person’s life – let alone – the lives of every single tenant in the building.

Your continued disregard for the safety of the people who pay you rent, month after month, is appalling.

On behalf of everyone who calls you their landlord everywhere I will, once again, urge you to exercise caution. To respect the lives of those who unwillingly rent an apartment in one of your properties.

In closing, I will note that I am 100% sure you would not have exposed either your life, your son’s life or the lives of your grandchildren. Again, you have ZERO right to endanger anyone’s life.

You owe everyone a huge apology for the night of terror you inflicted on many.

Kirby Sommers, President

Cornfeld Tenants Association

HVAC unit on roof of 143 West 69 Street. A part was changed as we slept.

HVAC part on sidewalk in front of 143 West 69 Street

Crane going up past my window as we all slept at 5am

crane going up over 143 West 69 Street with all residents in building.


Arthur Cornfeld and partner Myles Horn Pay $48 million for UWS condos at 660 Columbus Avenue (93rd Street)

Our landlords Arthur Cornfeld and his partner Myles Horn (photo) are busy buying up condos on the Upper West Side while our buildings are in complete disrepair.

The roof at 143 West 69 Street is in imminent danger of collapsing. Tenants have been constructive evicted while these men pose for photographs and continue purchasing properties.

Story by The Real Deal here.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Roof Collapse at 143 West 69 Street Imminent / **Alert** All Tenants at 143 W 69 Street + 2020 Broadway

Inspector on roof of 143 West 69 Street earlier this morning.

All Residents of 143 West 69 Street and 2020 Broadway

This is a serious notice.


An inspector from the NYC Department of Housing and Preservation came to inspect the common areas today: alley, fire escape access, cracks on floor tiles and foundation in hallways 2-5, and the roof of 143 West 69th Street.

The roof is about to collapse.

I brought this to the attention of our landlord, ABC Properties (Arthur Cornfeld, Alex Cornfeld) years ago (many times); and have repeatedly posted about on our Cornfeld Tenants’ Association blog.

Safety First.

They are going to issue an EMERGENCY REPAIR notice to our landlords. This doesn’t mean the work will be done properly as history has shown us.

The two buildings are combined with the pipes that go from 143 W 69 St to 2020 Broadway. So that if/when the roof fails at #143 it will impact #2020.

We will NOT LOSE OUR APARTMENTS. You need to contact 3-1-1 NOW to get in writing any damage to your apartment. WE NEED EVIDENCE TO SHOW NEGLIGENCE when this happens.


I want you all to be safe. Staying with a family member or a friend until we are told that the roof has been repaired is what I strongly suggest every single person in both buildings do.


Updates will be sent to you. Please send your email address to us at: