Restaurants & Tenants' Concerns

Restaurants Have Turned 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69 Street into Calcutta (now known as Kolkata), India!

Would you eat at a restaurant where both the garbage and the food received daily for all restaurants were in the very same place?

Regular pile of garbage from 2 residential buildings and 3 restaurants
in shared alley between 2020 Broadway + 143 West 69 Street

My guess is you'd probably be disgusted and say no, thank you!

Our landlord Arthur Cornfeld aka ABC Properties has allowed the restaurants: Noi Due, West Side Restaurant, and Barcibo Enoteca to use the alley as they please.

And they have taken him up on that. 

On any given day the alley is full of open food crates, left unattended for hours; or restaurant workers shifting through their restaurant laundry (this gives the term “dirty laundry" an entirely new meaning); or even nastier yet: open food pallets.

Noi Due owner and chef sorting out their "laundry" on concrete covered by rat droppings

The restaurants are destroying this place – they do not belong here!

As a result of both the garbage and unattended food pallets, we have a rat farm in our alley. How many Rat Rallies do we need to have before both the landlord and the owners of these restaurants comply with NYS Department of Health Food Protection Law?

As if this weren't enough we are surrounded by fire hazards caused by these restaurants!

For starters we have obstructed fire escapes due to the sheds that now occupy the alley. Not to mention the highly flammable piles of boxes and the barrels of oil stored in this area.

This video was taken AFTER they began cleaning up. Take a look at the boxes piled high and the man working in the area in between the 2 fire escape exits for both 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69th Street. FIRETRAP!