Thursday, July 13, 2017

Illegal Single Room Occupancy (SROs) / Garbage Issues / Chronic Lack of Hot Water

Hello Everyone,

In response to some of the phone calls we have been receiving from you - the following is some helpful information. (A second email will follow shortly with some of the other items of concern that have been raised):

ITEM 1. Commercial Carting Information

The removal of trash in our apartment buildings has been improperly handled for years. The following are the CITY RULES for restaurants. None of the restaurants have a private carting company. ONLY the New York City Sanitation truck picks up ALL garbage. This is a SERIOUS HEALTH VIOLATION and it is illegal. See NYC rules for how commercial waste is supposed to be disposed of:

If you are a merchant or own a commercial establishment, you must either arrange with a private carter to have your garbage and recyclables collected or register as a self-hauler with the Business Integrity Commission. You must place commercial trash out for private collection on the sidewalk against the building, not at the curb or in the gutter.

ITEM 2. Lack of Hot Water during 8:30am – 4:30 M-F

Our buildings have a chronic issue with inadequate service of hot water during daytime hours.

The hot water is supposed to be the same all day long, every day. This issue has been on-going for decades.

To help keep our water hot, please make a complaint. The more people complain, the better outcome we will receive.

Here is the information for NYC:

ITEM 3. Single Room Occupancy (ILLEGAL in our buildings)

2020 Broadway (and other Cornfeld buildings) are renting out individual rooms on the top floor (in the so-called duplex apartments – built without permits).

Renting out separate rooms is known as SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY. NYC has laws that prohibit landlords from renting out individual rooms. YOU MAY REPORT A VIOLATION TO 3-1-1 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask. And if you would be kind enough to forward this email to your neighbors who live in our buildings - I am sure they would appreciate it.

Yours truly,

Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street

New York, NY 10023

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