Thursday, May 11, 2017

Is Mold in Our Apartments Making Us Sick? ABC Properties Tenants: 143 West 69 Street / 2020 Broadway / 325 W 71st Street

The buildings we live in have never really had proper mold remediation and let's face it, our landlord and whatever manager we've had never has properly tended to this problem (which affects our health).

It is in your best interest to be properly educated about mold, how it should be removed, and how to stay healthy. 

Obviously any mold is to be removed by trained people so as not to disturb and create a larger problem.

I recently had to have an emergency bathroom repair - which of course, our building manager, Jozef Zagreda calls a "renovation" -- but which happened as a result of years of landlord neglect and water accumulation in my apartment -- specifically the bathroom resulting in the ceiling collapse of the bathroom ceiling of the tenant below my apartment in #4G.

As a direct result of the repair (done inappropriately) the mold has spread throughout my apartment - it smells horribly moldy - my throat feels tight, I have a recurrent cough, I have a constant runny nose, headaches, and it has affected my energy levels in an alarming way. Apparently when they opened up my bathroom walls it affected the ceiling area which because of the large HVAC on our roof had a ton of condensation (any standing water behind walls or ceilings has mold); in any event, my ceilings have cracks and water stains throughout, and the smell of mold permeates every nook and cranny of my apartment. 

I am always compelled to share information with tenants throughout New York City (and particularly my neighbors and fellow ABC Properties tenants) -- to ensure we remain healthy and not harmed by negligence and improper handling of the removal of mold.

The following is the Department of Health's download on mold. Download it. Read it. If you notice mold, or if your apartment has a smell, insist on help from our landlord. Otherwise the landlord has legally breached the Warranty of Habitability and your rent should be reduced (called a rent abatement).

Some of you may be experiencing mold related illnesses such as allergies, upper respiratory problems - and not be aware that your apartment is making you sick.

If you spot a problem - again - INSIST that our landlord/management repair it properly and promptly. 


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