Thursday, May 11, 2017

Continued Mice and Rat Infestation from Restaurants: 2020 Broadway / 143 West 69 Street

I was in the elevator of 143 West 69th Street the other day and a man who described himself as being involved with Barcibo Enoteca (recently undergoing a name change - probably because of our exposing the rat issues and our 20 ft inflated rat which we placed outside the buildings about 2 years ago) -- began to complain about the "mice infestation" at the restaurant and the fact that one of the fire escape steps broke almost severely hurting one of the workers.

For those of you who are new to either 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69 Street, I urge you to go to our home page and in the search box enter the word "rats" -- read those posts.

The publication of this information in an online forum contributed to the landlord and the restaurant owners to taking some steps to mitigate the problem. However, not enough steps were taken and we still have a rat/mouse infestation because of the poor manner in which the food is received, stored, and how the garbage continues to be improperly stored and removed.

The law states that the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property (our apartments and the buildings) in a safe manner. This is a breach of the Warranty of Habitability and all of us - every tenant - is in all probability entitied to a rent rebate (meaning a reduction in rent as there has been a reduction in services).


Kirby Sommers
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

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