Friday, August 18, 2017

Noi Due and Noi Due Carne continuing to block fire escapes!

Taken on August 17, 2017 (Arrows point to fire escape which is constantly blocked by Noi Due's door to their illegal shed; and all the things they put under it.

Also he is putting empty tin containers into the other storage bin. There are RATS, mice, roaches -- so these containers very well may be contaminated BEFORE food goes into it.

Rat Infestation / Rent Reduction Request / 143 West 69 Street and 2020 Broadway / Restaurants

Dead rat in front of 143 West 69 Street

Dear Arthur, Alex:

Your residential tenants at the buildings known as 143 West 69 Street and 2020 Broadway respectively request for you to set up rules for the restaurants you have rented space to and who occupy the ground or basement space in both buildings.

We have sent you numerous photos of improperly placed trash, rats, oil, soiled streets, open food crates, condensation in the alleyway, fire hazards, blockage of fire escapes, along with a myriad of other problems (health and safety hazards) created by the carelessness of owners of the restaurants.

These same men, by the way, go home to their 5,000 square foot mini-mansions after day's end leaving behind a series of health hazards for the tenants who occupy the 100 apartments in both buildings.

When residents of either 143 West 69 Street or 2020 Broadway walk out of the buildings we call home we are greeted by garbage, debris, packed streets with random people, smoke filled streets (with random people), multiple trucks (and their fumes); and just last week there was a dead pigeon and a dead rat (photo attached).

It is your responsibility to create a safe and clean environment for your tenants. It has not been safe, and a far cry from clean.

At this point in time ALL residents should receive a reduction in rent as there has been a reduction in services.

This reduction in rent should be retroactive for the duration of the time you added both Noi Due and Barcibo; and should continue in effect until the time you resolve the rat infestation and serious health hazards we are exposed to on a daily basis.

A 50% rent reduction to all tenants in both buildings is what we are requesting until you resolve these on-going issues.

We are happy to meet with you and hope to find a resolution to this onslaught of rats.

All residential tenants deserve a safe and decent home.

Yours truly,

Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

P.S. Golan Chetrit’s (Noi Due) letter, via his attorney, Michael Morici, dated August 14, 2017 is a clear SLAPP attempt to intimidate us into silence. SLAPPS are illegal in New York City and a direct violation of New York Civil Rights Section 70-a.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What to know about Rats: 143 West 69 Street / 2020 Broadway New York NY 10023

One of the dead rats in the alleyway where the restaurants receive their food deliveries

Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control. These diseases can be spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent.
The CDC lists seven diseases that rats and mice in North America transmit directly such as Plague and Rat-bite fever and 11 they transmit indirectly. That list includes Lyme Disease, Relapsing Fever, West Nile Virus and others, some of which can be fatal.
Rodents spread diseases through droppings and urine. In addition, they have fleas on their skin. They have thousands of bacteria. They urinate as they walk. The droppings spread disease and contamination. It makes people sick.
Landlords and restaurant owners are supposed to take every precautionary step against the elimination of such a dangerous health hazard to all tenants.

Clean It Up! No More Rat Infestation, Please! Noi Due, Noi Due Carne, Westside Restaurant, Barcibo Mediterraneo

Private residence of Golan Chetrit (owner Noi Due and Noi Due Carne) at 63 Random Farms Circle, Chappaqua, NY 10514

While residents of 143 West 69th Street and its sister building 2020 Broadway continue to fight against the rodent infestation, overwhelming garbage piles, and potentially life threatening fire hazards created by the owners of Noi Due (143 West 69 Street) and Noi Due Carne (141 West 69 Street), the owner Golan Chetrit resides in a beautiful five bedroom home (photo above).

Public information (screen shot above) shows the home was purchased for $1,125,000.00 on January 28, 2014.

The Cornfeld Tenants Association has sent letters on behalf of our approximately 100 apartment dwellers in both buildings requesting our landlord(s) Arthur Cornfeld and his son, Alex Cornfeld (ABC Properties) set some rules to all the restaurants regarding to abate these hazardous conditions.

Pile of trash left by Noi Due in front of 143 West 69 Street (rats, rats, rats)

2 rats scurrying out from under the garbage bags Noi Due piles up in front of the entrance to 143 West 69 Street

Photo shows alleyway and fire escape blocked by Noi Due shed (notice door). Additionally other unsanitary conditions by placing table cloths, napkins, waitstaff uniforms on ground which is littered with rat droppings

Photo of dead rat found in front of 143 West 69 Street

Noi Due trash placed in front of 143 West 69 Street entrance (although they deny this)

Noi Due open trash left in front of 143 West 69 Street

Under New York law our landlord is responsible for keeping the premises clean and free of vermin and other hazardous conditions.

Failure to do this constitutes a Breach of the Warranty of Habitability.

We have requested a rent abatement for the duration of the time ABC Properties has rented space to both Noi Due and Barcibo (now there is a new one calling itself Barcibo Mediterraneo at 2020 Broadway).

While both buildings have been bombarded with restaurants we, as residential tenants, demand from our landlord they control the on-going hazardous conditions created by the commercial tenants they have rented to.

While the owners of these restaurants leave every night and go home to their large 5,000 square foot homes, we are left behind to deal with the overflowing garbage and rat infestation. No more, no more, no more. 


Cornfeld Tenants Association

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Noi Dui Carne Grand Opening Tonight: Is it safe for the residents of 143 West 69 Street?

Plates for the grand opening of Noi Due Carne in rear, flanked by rat traps

One of several rat traps behind Noi Due and steps from the open plates for the grand opening of Noi Due Carne, tonight, Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wiring into Noi Due restaurant (potential fire hazard?)

Two more air conditioning units wired into Noi Dui from building (another fire hazard?)

Noi Due is about to open their second restaurant, Noi Due Carne, this evening Sunday July 16, 2017.

While their plates sit in an open crate near several rat traps the residents of both 143 West 69 Street and its sister building, 2020 Broadway remain concerned about various fire hazards.

On-going communication with their attorney to ensure the owners don't put residents or their patrons in harm's way hasn't yielded the desired results. In order to show the attorney the problems we are facing, we have had to begin to send photos to prove our case.

"If there were a fire today, no one in the back would get out," a resident who lives in one of the rear apartments told Kirby Sommers, President of the Cornfeld Tenants Association.

While Noi Due attempted to maintain their "Grand Opening Date" a secret, it was leaked.

But that is not all that leaked. 

Leaking condensation onto the ground floor level are air conditioners installed to cool off the patrons of the kosher restaurant.

"It's not safe. These things emit carbon monoxide and that's dangerous," another concerned tenant offered then added: "And then there is the matter of all of the cross wires and services from one building to another. Let's hope this isn't the next East Village disaster."

More pipes attaching to and from 143 West 69 Street to 2020 Broadway for the restaurants' use.

One of Noi Due's sheds blocking the fire escape. Shows some of the pipes installed from one building to the other.

Noi Due owner(s) Golan Chetrit in the rear with the sheds. That is how the tablecloths, the napkins, the servers uniforms are handled. Put on the ground on top of rat droppings!

Letter to Noi Due's Attorney: Blocking Fire Escape, Hate Crime in Restaurant, Garbage

Golan (Noi Due owner) in the alleyway where their shed blocks our fire escape

(WE POST THESE LETTERS ON THE BLOG so that all residents can find this information)

Dear Mr. Morici,

I thank you for your prompt reply.

However, we requested proof - as the only company we have seen hauling away Noi Due's garbage is the NYC Department of Sanitation (which is illegal). Would you be kind enough to provide us with a document stating Progressive Waste removes Noi Due's commercial garbage (or will be doing so as of a certain date)? 

Please note: just this morning Noi Due's garbage was sitting in front of 143 West 69 Street along with a trail of blood which stained the entry way to Noi Due (lower level) all the way to the street in front of the building.

We have become aware of certain hate crimes coming from the restaurant -- and seeing a trail of blood from their doorway to the street is very disturbing. (You can just go to their facebook page and read the reviews where you will find that their server physically assaulted a patron and her baby (who was in a baby carriage). This person was not initially fired or disciplined by the owners of Noi Due. However this woman assaulted another person and has been charged with a hate crime. 

Everyone is entitled to run a business. And everyone makes a mistake. However, we have been trying very nicely to improve the situation with the restaurants (and Noi Due) regrettably has taken first place with the issues we are hoping to resolve.

With reference to the FIRE ESCAPE(s) - please see attached photo. Their shed (which door opens right under the fire escape) blocks the fire escape every day, multiple times every day (when they are open). Additionally, they place many things under this area, their crates are just one thing, other things, every day are kept in a place that should remain free of any encumbrances so as to save lives in the event of a fire.

Additionally, while other residents (myself included) may every now and then see a person asking patrons to move - this is rare. What is not rare is having to step over their patrons as we try to get in and out of our building. Or trying to wave away cigarette smoke (which as you know is dangerous to our health -- even as second hand smoke).

I remain hopeful on behalf of all our tenants as well as our neighbor buildings that the outstanding issues with Noi Due can be resolved.

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you.

Kirby Sommers, President 
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

When a Landlord Cuts Corners: The East Village Explosion

121 Second Avenue (East Village Explosion)

Wanted to re-post this here to remind everyone what can happen when unlicensed workers (like supers) are told by their bosses (landlords) to do the work.



Defendants Set Up Illegal Gas Delivery System, Causing Deadly Explosion and Fire
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark G. Peters, and New York City Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro today announced the indictment of MARIA HRYNENKO, 56, MICHAEL HRYNENKO, 30, ATHANASIOS IOANNIDIS, 59, DILBER KUKIC, 40, and ANDREW TROMBETTAS, 57, in connection with a deadly gas explosion that occurred at 121 Second Avenue on March 26, 2015. The defendants are charged in a New York State Supreme Court indictment with Manslaughter in the Second Degree, Criminally Negligent Homicide, Assault in the Second Degree, and Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, among other charges. [1] 
“The seven-alarm fire that killed two people and engulfed three buildings in March 2015 was caused by a foreseeable, preventable, and completely avoidable gas explosion,” said District Attorney Vance. “Development, construction, and renovation is happening across the City at breakneck speed. In this market, the temptation for property owners, contractors, and managers to take dangerous—and, in some instances, deadly—shortcuts has never been greater. As alleged in the indictment, the defendants created a deadly inferno fueled by an illegal gas delivery system installed at 121 Second Avenue, leading to the loss of two young lives, and leaving more than a dozen others with serious, permanent injuries. Today’s case demonstrates the outstanding coordination between the NYPD, FDNY, DOI, and DOB on this investigation, and I thank our partners for their commitment to ensuring the public safety of City residents and visitors.”
NYPD Commissioner William J. Bratton said: “These defendants unnecessarily put a number of people in a highly dangerous situation, one that ultimately proved deadly and which jeopardized the lives of countless others, including first-responders. I want to commend both the emergency personnel who answered the call-for-duty on that day, as well as the investigators and prosecutors who worked diligently over a long period in developing this case.”
DOI Commissioner Mark G. Peters said: “These indictments show that falsifying documents and other dishonest practices not only corrupt the City’s oversight of construction sites, but can have real life-threatening consequences. DOI investigators were on the scene from day one with our partners, investigating criminal conduct and determining the integrity of the professionals responsible for the safety of those inside the building. Today, we hold them accountable for intentionally defying regulations and breaking the law—in the name of the victims and for the safety of all New Yorkers.”
FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said: “Last March, we saw that when the callous choice is made to put money before common sense and safety, innocent people lose their lives. The defendants’ actions displayed a total disregard for the laws and rules in place to protect all New Yorkers—both residents and first responders. Tragically, two people were killed that day and the Department was extremely lucky to not lose any of its members fighting this difficult, deadly fire. I want to thank the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, the Department of Investigation, the NYPD and our FDNY Fire Marshals who vigorously investigated the case.”
According to the indictment and documents filed in court, in 2013, MARIA HRYNENKO hired KUKIC as a general contractor to renovate several of MARIA HRYNENKO's properties in New York City, including 121 Second Avenue, a five-story building in the East Village that housed four floors of residential housing and a street-level Japanese restaurant called Sushi Park.
KUKIC, in turn, hired IOANNIDIS to perform plumbing work at 121 Second Avenue. During this time, IOANNIDIS—who was not professionally licensed—paid a former partner, TROMBETTAS, to use his master plumbing license and professional credentials to submit required paperwork to the New York City Department of Buildings (“DOB”) and Con Edison (“Con Ed”). A master plumber is prohibited by law to lend his or her stamp to any other person for any reason. TROMBETTAS never went to 121 Second Avenue and is accused of renting his license to IOANNIDIS and others, enabling the filing of false paperwork. 
In early 2014, MARIA HRYNENKO entered into lease agreements with tenants for all of the apartments at 121 Second Avenue. At the time, however, Con Ed had not yet approved the installation of gas meters for residential units in the building, which was managed by the defendant’s son, MICHAEL HRYNENKO. 
In July 2014, MARIA HRYNENKO informed KUKIC that gas for the apartments should be taken from Sushi Park’s gas meter. Shortly thereafter, IOANNIDIS illegally connected flexible hosing to the restaurant’s gas meter in order to provide gas to the building’s tenants, who were not informed of the source of the gas. A subsequent inspection performed by Con Ed and FDNY revealed the set-up to be unsafe and likely to disconnect, break, or leak. Con Ed promptly turned off the gas supply, leaving both Sushi Park and apartment tenants without gas, and advised MARIA HRYNENKO to hire a licensed plumber to rectify the situation. 
Instead, the defendants constructed another illegal, unsafe gas delivery system by installing a series of pipes and valves connecting the units in 121 Second Avenue to an uncapped, commercial-grade gas meter in the adjacent, vacant property at 119 Second Avenue, which was also owned by MARIA HRYNENKO. The system was set up in the back of the building basement, behind locked doors, hidden from Con Ed, and obscured from view by tenants, workers, and potential inspectors. While constructing the makeshift gas delivery system, the defendants failed to obtain proper permits, submit gas tests to Con Ed and DOB, install fire stopping to impede the spread of fire between buildings and floors, put protective sleeving between foundation walls, and support the piping with proper brackets. In order to prevent anyone from tampering with the system, IOANNIDIS also removed the handles of shut-off valves that controlled the gas flow, effectively limiting the ability to determine whether gas valves were closed or open and potentially enabling dangerous, multidirectional gas flow through the pipes.
In August 2014, IOANNIDIS—using TROMBETTAS’ license—sent an affidavit to Con Ed claiming that a pressure test on the restaurant’s gas meter had been performed successfully. By the middle of the month, Con Ed restored gas to the restaurant, while upstairs tenants continued to receive gas by way of the defendants’ illegal gas delivery system.
At approximately 2:00 p.m. on March 26, 2015, two Con Ed employees arrived at 121 Second Avenue to perform an inspection. Prior to the inspection, IOANNIDIS and KUKIC manipulated the gas delivery system by shutting off the gas supply connecting 119 and 121 Second Avenue and opening the shut-off valves. Because of several deficiencies with the proposed gas meter location, Con Ed employees did not approve their installation. At the time, there was no sign of leakage or odor, and the full extent of the unauthorized gas delivery system remained hidden from inspectors’ view. 
After failing the inspection, KUKIC and MICHAEL HRYNENKO went down into the building basement and turned on the gas supply from 119 Second Avenue without checking whether the gas valves were open. The shut-off valves, which were in fact open, allowed gas to flow through the pipes and out of the uncapped meter bars into the restaurant.
At approximately 3:00 p.m., a Sushi Park employee smelled gas and notified MARIA HRYNENKO, who instructed KUKIC to check on the source of the odor. Surveillance footage depicts KUKIC and MICHAEL HRYNENKO entering the Sushi Park basement and then swiftly sprinting out of the restaurant without warning any of the patrons or workers and running toward the East 7th Street entrance to the building basement, where the illegal gas delivery system was set up.
Soon thereafter, the gas—which had been flowing through the pipes and out of the uncapped meter bars—ignited and caused an explosion. Moises Locon, an employee of Sushi Park, and Nicholas Figueroa, a diner, who were both inside the restaurant at the time of the explosion, were killed. At least 13 other individuals suffered serious injuries as the lower floors of 121 Second Avenue buckled and caught fire, which quickly spread and destroyed adjacent properties, leading to the eventual collapse of the properties at 119, 121, and 123 Second Avenue.
Assistant District Attorney Rachana Pathak is handling the prosecution of the case, under the supervision of Assistant District Attorney Deborah Hickey, Senior Supervising Attorney of the Rackets Bureau, Assistant District Attorney Judy Salwen, Principal Deputy Chief of the Rackets Bureau, Assistant District Attorney Michael Ohm, Deputy Chief of the Rackets Bureau, Assistant District Attorney Jodie Kane, Chief of the Rackets Bureau, and Executive Assistant District Attorney David Szuchman, Chief of the Investigation Division. Assistant District Attorney Harrison Schweiloch, Trial Preparation Assistant Alexandra Oviedo and Former Investigative Analyst Michael Segnan, Media Services Technician Ronald Gonzalez, Assistant Media Services Technician James Oliva, and Cell Site Analyst Nathan Weber provided additional assistance with the investigation.  
District Attorney Vance thanked the following agencies for their assistance with the investigation: NYPD Arson & Explosion Squad, and in particular, Detectives Louis Duccheschi, Edward Simonetti, Andy Cohen, John Dimare, Lt. Steven Russell, and Det. Jose Flores, of the Manhattan South Homicide Squad; DOI, and in particular, Forensic Investigator Erskine Fleming, Special Investigator Dan Taylor, and Chief Investigator James McElligott; FDNY, and in particular, Battalion Chiefs John Dunne and Edward Tierney, Firefighter Mike Shepherd, Fire Marshals from the Bureau of Fire Investigation, and countless others; DOB, and in particular, Assistant Chief of Plumbing Raphael Truelsen; and Gregg M. Mokrzycki, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Questioned Documents Unit. 
[1] The charges contained in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. All factual recitations are derived from documents filed in court and statements made on the record in court.
Defendant Information:
MARIA HRYNENKO, D.O.B. 11/26/1959
Rockland, NY
  • Manslaughter in the Second Degree, a class C felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Second Degree, a class D felony, 9 counts
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide, a class E felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Third Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 4 counts
  • Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 1 count
Sparkill, NY
  • Manslaughter in the Second Degree, a class C felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Second Degree, a class D felony, 9 count
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide, a class E felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Third Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 4 counts
  • Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 1 count
Queens, NY
  • Manslaughter in the Second Degree, a class C felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Second Degree, a class D felony, 9 counts
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide, a class E felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Third Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 4 counts
  • Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 1 count
  • Falsifying Business Records in the Second Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 2 counts
DILBER KUKIC, D.O.B. 6/9/1975
Bronx, NY
  • Manslaughter in the Second Degree, a class C felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Second Degree, a class D felony, 9 count
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide, a class E felony, 2 counts
  • Assault in the Third Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 4 counts
  • Reckless Endangerment in the Second Degree, a class A misdemeanor, 1 count
Queens, NY
  • Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, a class E felony, 2 counts

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Steve Croman known as the Bernie Madoff of Landlords to Get Jail Time

Steve Croman, landlord

Steve Croman, landlord sentenced.

He was caught more for his shady bank dealings (bank fraud - overstating rent and obtaining loans) than the horrible way he treated tenants. Similar to how Al Capone was caught (tax vs the sought after crime). 

New York City is now cracking down on PREDATORY landlords and their harassment of tenants in order to keep driving up the rents in the city.

You can read the article here:

Illegal Single Room Occupancy (SROs) / Garbage Issues / Chronic Lack of Hot Water

Hello Everyone,

In response to some of the phone calls we have been receiving from you - the following is some helpful information. (A second email will follow shortly with some of the other items of concern that have been raised):

ITEM 1. Commercial Carting Information

The removal of trash in our apartment buildings has been improperly handled for years. The following are the CITY RULES for restaurants. None of the restaurants have a private carting company. ONLY the New York City Sanitation truck picks up ALL garbage. This is a SERIOUS HEALTH VIOLATION and it is illegal. See NYC rules for how commercial waste is supposed to be disposed of:

If you are a merchant or own a commercial establishment, you must either arrange with a private carter to have your garbage and recyclables collected or register as a self-hauler with the Business Integrity Commission. You must place commercial trash out for private collection on the sidewalk against the building, not at the curb or in the gutter.

ITEM 2. Lack of Hot Water during 8:30am – 4:30 M-F

Our buildings have a chronic issue with inadequate service of hot water during daytime hours.

The hot water is supposed to be the same all day long, every day. This issue has been on-going for decades.

To help keep our water hot, please make a complaint. The more people complain, the better outcome we will receive.

Here is the information for NYC:

ITEM 3. Single Room Occupancy (ILLEGAL in our buildings)

2020 Broadway (and other Cornfeld buildings) are renting out individual rooms on the top floor (in the so-called duplex apartments – built without permits).

Renting out separate rooms is known as SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY. NYC has laws that prohibit landlords from renting out individual rooms. YOU MAY REPORT A VIOLATION TO 3-1-1 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask. And if you would be kind enough to forward this email to your neighbors who live in our buildings - I am sure they would appreciate it.

Yours truly,

Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street

New York, NY 10023

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Letter to Noi Due (143 West 69 Street) illegal garbage dumping

Noi Due garbage piled up in front of residential 143 West 69 Street (violation -- they are supposed to hire a private carting company)

Noi Due,

This is to request that you cease and desist from leaving your garbage in front of the residential building 143 West 69 Street immediately. The residents in the front of the building have the following issues;
1. Smell of rotting food permeating our apartments.
2. Rodents, roaches in our apartments.

It is illegal, as you know, for a commercial restaurant to leave garbage in front of our building. 

RE: YOUR CONSTRUCTION of the restaurant formerly known as ANDANADA. 

You have ZERO permits and yet your renovation begins at 5am.

I have photographic and video evidence of the above illegal transgressions.

Just this morning I brought the garbage issue to the attention of both Jozef Zagreda and our super Max. However I am bringing it to your attention and ask you immediately resolve BOTH issues.

As you know your restaurant was responsible for the infestation of RATS in our alleyway. We do not want to have any more quality of life issues as you are now opening your SECOND restaurant.

Please let me know within 36 hours a) that you intend to solve the above issues and b) how you plan on doing this without creating a nuisance for the tenants in the building.

Thank you.

Kirby Sommers
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Know Your Rights: New York City Tenants Rights: Free Guide Download

Most landlords, and I know, our landlord (ABC Properties/2020 Broadway Associates) take advantage of the fact that many renters are not familiar with their rights as renters.

I urge you to take a few minutes and download this free guide to help you understand what the landlord's responsibilities are and other useful information you will need throughout your life if you choose to rent.


Continued Mice and Rat Infestation from Restaurants: 2020 Broadway / 143 West 69 Street

I was in the elevator of 143 West 69th Street the other day and a man who described himself as being involved with Barcibo Enoteca (recently undergoing a name change - probably because of our exposing the rat issues and our 20 ft inflated rat which we placed outside the buildings about 2 years ago) -- began to complain about the "mice infestation" at the restaurant and the fact that one of the fire escape steps broke almost severely hurting one of the workers.

For those of you who are new to either 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69 Street, I urge you to go to our home page and in the search box enter the word "rats" -- read those posts.

The publication of this information in an online forum contributed to the landlord and the restaurant owners to taking some steps to mitigate the problem. However, not enough steps were taken and we still have a rat/mouse infestation because of the poor manner in which the food is received, stored, and how the garbage continues to be improperly stored and removed.

The law states that the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property (our apartments and the buildings) in a safe manner. This is a breach of the Warranty of Habitability and all of us - every tenant - is in all probability entitied to a rent rebate (meaning a reduction in rent as there has been a reduction in services).


Kirby Sommers
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

NOTE: If you want to be added to our mailing list please reach out. Our email address is:

Is Mold in Our Apartments Making Us Sick? ABC Properties Tenants: 143 West 69 Street / 2020 Broadway / 325 W 71st Street

The buildings we live in have never really had proper mold remediation and let's face it, our landlord and whatever manager we've had never has properly tended to this problem (which affects our health).

It is in your best interest to be properly educated about mold, how it should be removed, and how to stay healthy. 

Obviously any mold is to be removed by trained people so as not to disturb and create a larger problem.

I recently had to have an emergency bathroom repair - which of course, our building manager, Jozef Zagreda calls a "renovation" -- but which happened as a result of years of landlord neglect and water accumulation in my apartment -- specifically the bathroom resulting in the ceiling collapse of the bathroom ceiling of the tenant below my apartment in #4G.

As a direct result of the repair (done inappropriately) the mold has spread throughout my apartment - it smells horribly moldy - my throat feels tight, I have a recurrent cough, I have a constant runny nose, headaches, and it has affected my energy levels in an alarming way. Apparently when they opened up my bathroom walls it affected the ceiling area which because of the large HVAC on our roof had a ton of condensation (any standing water behind walls or ceilings has mold); in any event, my ceilings have cracks and water stains throughout, and the smell of mold permeates every nook and cranny of my apartment. 

I am always compelled to share information with tenants throughout New York City (and particularly my neighbors and fellow ABC Properties tenants) -- to ensure we remain healthy and not harmed by negligence and improper handling of the removal of mold.

The following is the Department of Health's download on mold. Download it. Read it. If you notice mold, or if your apartment has a smell, insist on help from our landlord. Otherwise the landlord has legally breached the Warranty of Habitability and your rent should be reduced (called a rent abatement).

Some of you may be experiencing mold related illnesses such as allergies, upper respiratory problems - and not be aware that your apartment is making you sick.

If you spot a problem - again - INSIST that our landlord/management repair it properly and promptly. 


Friday, April 28, 2017

143 West 69 Street Bathroom Ceiling Collapse: And How I Was Denied Repairs

The Shoemaker Has No Shoes: In My Case >> The Real Estate Expert Has No Apartment (err, Bathroom)
I have been holed up in an empty studio apartment in my apartment building for a couple of days. The bathroom in my one bedroom apartment is currently undergoing emergency bathroom repair.
The ceiling below my bathroom caved into the apartment below mine last month.
Although I have sent notices to the landlord for 12 years (yes, 12 long years) about the multiple leaks and the horrid conditions in my bathroom (and throughout the apartment and the building) — ABC Properties did nothing until the ceiling collapsed (barely killing the tenant below me).
And so, I was told by Jozef Zagreda, ABC Properties new manager who has an office in my landlord’s larger set of offices: “We’re going to renovate your bathroom.”
To which I replied: “You are going to repair my bathroom. Finally.”
“No,” Jozef insisted. “You’re going to get an entirely new bathroom.”
I’m no one’s fool and I’ve been in real estate for decades so I know that what my landlord attempted to do for many years is to get me to leave my rent stabilized one bedroom apartment (for which I pay less than $1,000) by not maintaining my apartment, by not responding to repair requests, by performing shoddy work when it was finally done, and really using everything in his/their power to get me to leave.
And so now I am fighting for a substantial rent reduction and possibly will have to take them to court. Because it seems I am also sick from the growing mold.
“Mold?” The manager echoed with a dramatic exaggeration. “You’re not an expert on mold.”
“That’s why I am telling you to get a mold remediation expert into the bathroom when it is being repaired.”
“We’re spending thousands of dollars, Kirby. You’re getting a brand new bathroom. It is not a repair, it is a renovation.”
In any event. It is a repair and I am now temporarily in an empty apartment, still sick, waiting for the crew (landlord REFUSED to get a mold remediation specialist) to finish repairing my bathroom.
I TOOK A COUPLE OF VIDEOS (in case anyone is interested in taking a look at the horrible condition of what was my bathroom):
Copyright 2017 Kirby Sommers

May 7, 2017 UPDATE

I have a reasonably good looking *repaired* bathroom now that is unusable and which, again, has leaks (among a multitude of other issues). So it looks good, you just can't really use it.

For example: I am still missing a bathroom door. The hallyway of my particular building is a square U-shape which acts as an echo chamber. So that my neighbor on the other side of the building told me: "I can hear you flush your toilet." Privacy is a tenant's right. Lack of providing privacy is a breach of the Warranty of Habitability.

The sink leaks. I began the weary task of trying to put my things away and wanted to clean the vanity below the new sink. To my dismay there was a water pile spilling onto the back of the sink and onto the floor and possibly even down to the neighbor below me (who has already had to deal with this issue for as long as I have had to deal with mine).

The shower faucet doesn't work properly. So that there is almost no water pressure and as if that weren't bad enough when the faucet is turned on the water comes down in an angle hitting the tiles and the grout area between the tiles and the tub. This is going to corrode the area and, I cannot even believe this as I write it, will create the same problem I had before. Meaning multiple gaps in the walls with water seeping through creating not just another possibility of the ceiling beneath my bathroom caving in again, but continuing to add to the already bad mold problems.

One would think that ABC Properties, who owns the building, would have at least concentrated on installing the new plumbing in a way that would have directly addressed the emergency of the repair.

They chose, instead, to purchase the cheapest quality materials that did nothing to address the serious issues -- which if left in this shoddy fashion will re-create the same problem. Talk about penny wise and dollar foolish (I hate cliche's but in this case I can think of nothing else).

One of my neighbors has stopped by twice and he, too, has lived in the building for many years. We looked at one another and both of us said at the same time: I guess we have a slumlord."