Friday, May 22, 2015

Arthur Cornfeld: The Replacement of the 15,000 lbs HVAC + The Night of Terror For Residents


I am sure I speak on behalf of every one of your tenants when I say you exercised extreme poor judgment in how you replaced the 15,000 lb HVAC unit on the roof of 143 West 69 Street.

  1. Notice should have been given to tenants 2 weeks before this very dangerous undertaking. Everyone should have been given the option of choosing to stay in their apartments OR FINDING ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATIONS for the night IN THE EVENT OF A CATASTROPHIC ACCIDENT.
  1. Your track record when replacing small HVAC units in apartments or when making other “minor” repairs/renovations is exceedingly bad.

  1. To remove a 15,000 lb monster during the night through early morning hours WHILE INNOCENT PEOPLE slept is a risk you were ill-advised to take.

While you may own the building, you do not have the right to jeopardize anyone’s life.

You do not have the right to endanger even one person’s life – let alone – the lives of every single tenant in the building.

Your continued disregard for the safety of the people who pay you rent, month after month, is appalling.

On behalf of everyone who calls you their landlord everywhere I will, once again, urge you to exercise caution. To respect the lives of those who unwillingly rent an apartment in one of your properties.

In closing, I will note that I am 100% sure you would not have exposed either your life, your son’s life or the lives of your grandchildren. Again, you have ZERO right to endanger anyone’s life.

You owe everyone a huge apology for the night of terror you inflicted on many.

Kirby Sommers, President

Cornfeld Tenants Association

HVAC unit on roof of 143 West 69 Street. A part was changed as we slept.

HVAC unit that replaced the larger one

Crane going up past my window as we all slept at 5am


Added this as this was clearly illegal.

When a crane is used (in this case to swap out a part of the very heavy HVAC) on the roof of 143 West 69 Street - the top two floors are VACATED.


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