Monday, April 20, 2015

Victory! 100 Signatures for 100 Homes Accomplished!


Victory! Our goal of having 100 signatures representing the 100 apartments has been accomplished!

Kirby Sommers
New York, NY
Apr 20, 2015 — Our goal of having 100 signatures representing the 100 apartments at 2020 Broadway and its sister building 143 West 69 Street has been accomplished.

This is a big victory for us all!!

The people who live on the Upper West Side could be among Manhattan’s most envied group. It is a Mayberry-esque community. Regular folk live among New York City’s billionaires and millionaires along the lush tree lined streets that make up our neighborhood.

Those who live inside the rows of brownstones (some are private family residences), many dating back to the 1890s, along with early 20th century apartment buildings acknowledge each other.

We don’t walk down the streets of our neighborhood with eyes wide shut…we keep them open…and when someone needs help…there is always a neighbor willing to lend a hand.

Our residential community has been invaded by a row of restaurants on West 69th Street, brought in by a greedy and over zealous landlord who doesn’t seem to realize the dangers these establishments pose to the people who call this home.

The purpose of this petition was to tell our landlord, Arthur Cornfeld, loud and clear, that we do not want yet another restaurant on our block at the quaint store once known as Tani at 2020 Broadway. Which, by the way, is already sorely missed.

And certainly, not one owned by Tsu Yue Wang, a man with an unsavory business past. A man who has been sued for taking advantage of his workers by paying them slave wages of as little as $1.40. A man whose restaurants usually end with a tragic fire, leaving only havoc in their wake. So basically, a known arsonist.

No, that is not for us. It is unacceptable.

Today, we can celebrate!

We have stood shoulder-to-shoulder, neighbor with neighbor, and have made it very clear: “No, Mr. Cornfeld, we do not wish for you to destroy our neighborhood any further. We will not allow you to ruin our quality of life, our homes, or put our lives in danger. We live here on the Upper West Side and our lives matter.

Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023


This petition made change with 102 supporters!

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