Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tsu Yue Wang 131-58 MAPLE Ave, Queens, NY 11355

Tsu Yue Wang owns this building under the corporate entity 209 Management Ltd.

This serves as the office for Mr. Wang's businesses.

Ollie's filed for Chapter 11 because it still owes money for a labor dispute settled last March, Mr Fischoff said. At the time, the chain was found guilty of violating overtime and minimum wage laws and ordered to pay $2.3 million. The suit alleged that Mr. Wang paid employees as little as $1.40 an hour, though the minimum wage in New York state is $7.25.

“Just because a corporate entity is now bankrupt, that will not stop us from seeking money from the individuals that operated the company,” said Lorelei Boylan, director of strategic enforcement for the labor department. 


Tsu Yue Yang has named his new company No 1 Maple Food Corp. They even have a website here.

1160 Third Avenue Food Service, Inc

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of New York (Manhattan)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 10-11569-mg

Case summary

Assigned to: Judge Martin Glenn
Chapter 11

Date filed:03/26/2010

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