Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Max aka Domingo Fernandez, Super Installing a Device in Crevice of elevator on Fifth Floor: Is this Harassment?

I heard someone tinkering with the elevator door and peeked out my peephole. I saw Max and tinkering with the upper left hand side of the elevator -- it seemed from my peephole that he was installing something into the crevice of the inside of the elevator.

I grabbed my camera and opened the door and asked him what he was doing.

He shrugged his shoulders and began to walk away -- that is when I took this photo.

Max as soon as I asked him what he was doing to the elevator - he hid around the corner for a bit then I heard him go down the stairs.

Here's the video I took right after taking the pic -- Max is heard in the background talking with probably one of the Cornfelds on his phone.

Oh, well, it's just another day around here nowadays. This has been a couple of interesting days: an assault, a death threat, and now what-could-they-have-put-into-the-elevator-day. 

By the way, I was sent a photo which I will post -- suddenly a sign was posted late today in front of the wrough iron gate stating it was "Private Property / Do Not Enter." It is a common area of the 2 buildings -- so it is really NOT "Private Property."

However it is clear the Cornfelds really do not want to get caught with all the illegal stuff that has been going on in this alleyway for years.

A bit too late for that. Cat is out of the bag and we all have photos.


It appears wires were installed earlier by Max on the side of the elevator. The black strip covers the wires, which can be seen in the pic taken from video that follows this one. (Black strip with small black box covers wires). This was NOT there before.

My neighbor and I just took these pics. Will post clearer ones tomorrow.
He thinks this is way weird.

EXPOSED!! Elevator is wired!!

Right to Form, Join, or Participate in Tenant’s Group

LL cannot interfere with the right to T to form, join, or participate in any group formed to protect rights of tenants, nor harass or punish T or withhold any right from T for exercising this right. T’s group has right to meet on premises in areas devoted to common use.

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