Saturday, April 25, 2015

Letter Sent to Brokers Who Brought Tsu Yue Wang to 2020 Broadway: "Get Another Tenant!"

The following is the email sent to the owners of RIPCO New York, as well as the two agents who brought Tsu Yue Wang as a proposed tenant to ABC Properties (Arthur Cornfeld/Alex Cornfeld) for 2020 Broadway. - Kirby Sommers

2020 Broadway / Tsu Yue Wang
From:sommers <>
To:PRipka <>; TCooper <>
Cc:JPennington <>; ZNathan <>; arthurcorn <>; alex <>
Date:Mon, Apr 20, 2015 12:31 pm


As you have unceremoniously blocked the Cornfeld Tenants Association email account from sending you any emails, we feel we have to reach you via any means necessary.

Please be advised that our Change.Org Petition was a success. We were able to achieve our goal of 100 Signatures for 100 Homes in support of our NOT wanting our landlord, Arthur Cornfeld, to rent the space formerly known as Tani - 2020 Broadway - to Yue Wang Tsu.

Dozens of residents spent the weekend in a state of sheer panic. Not just the women, but the men as well and who reside in both 2020 Broadway, along with its sister building at 143 West 69 Street. I had to personally console over 20 people who contacted me in tears begging me to do anything in my power, in our collective power, to keep this man, and another restaurant from signing the lease.

Can't you find Mr. Cornfeld an "A" tenant?

That you would bring him what seems like a bottom of the barrel-type tenant who will, sooner than later, set the place on fire seems a bit lazy on your part to me. I am sure you have better connections than someone with the horrific history this tenant has. If this is the best you can do, perhaps Mr. Cornfeld should consider hiring another brokerage firm.

We are prepared to continue to fight. And, although we have personally contacted Mr. Wang, it is also your fiduciary responsibility to let him know HE IS NOT WANTED IN OUR COMMUNITY. So, please do so, immediately.

Further, please note: we have been able to gather the support of the Upper West Side community, as well as several organizations -- all of whom are willing to help us in our plight to live without any more rat infestations, fire hazards, and the Mr. Wangs of this world.

What good would come of Mr. Wang's proposed new store if there were to be a boycott?

And, a boycott is what this store would have if they proceed to lease.

It will affect your reputation as brokers, no doubt. It will also affect the other three restaurants who have made our lives hell.

We are not just fighting for quality of life issues (although it is our right). No, as I have mentioned multiple times before, we are fighting for our lives.

I hope you will do what is in the best interest of all parties. Oh, and by the way, the newspapers are biting harder than the rats in the alley to get their hands on Mr. Wang who lives in a mansion while yet owing millions to workers he paid slave wages to. I believe this man had the audacity to pay as little as $1.40/hr and when caught, when prosecuted, he declared bankruptcy. And it is our understanding he owes money to the IRS and to a slew of other companies and people. What a catch!

So, again, no: we don't want him. And we will stop at nothing to make that crystal clear to you, to him, and to our landlord.

Yours truly,

Kirby Sommers, President
Cornfeld Tenants Association
143 West 69 Street
New York, NY 10023

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