Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here is Why 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69 Street are Rat Infested: Open Food Crates for Restaurants

This speaks for itself. 

Alley in between 143 West 69th Street and 2020 Broadway has become a receiving area for the three restaurants; namley Noi Due located at 143 West 69 Street, West Side Restaurant located at 2020 Broadway, and Barcibo Enoteca located at 2020 Broadway. 

Rats pushed this out of one of the restaurants and had a feast.

Open food crates arrive and are left on the ground where they have created a rat infestation

Unattended open crates of food in alleyway in between the 2 Noi Due sheds.

One of many deliveries into the alley. This was for Noi Due. On bottom is fish.

More food left on dirty concrete floor in open alleyway for Noi Due.

Noi Due food crates on concrete floor.

More Noi Due food sitting outside in the rat infested alleyway.
The pineapple was picked up off the filthy ground and taken inside.

All the food sits a couple of feet away from these large rat traps.
One is photographed here.

One rat out of several hundred caught!

One of the kitchens in the basement in the alley. Note the peeling lead paint,
the old pipes, and the food by the door. Two rats ran out of the potato bags
straight into the piles of garbage piled just a couple of yards away when this
photo was taken. (NOTE: this is AFTER the kitchen was cleaned.)

On March 31, tenants had a RAT RALLY protesting about the unsanitary and unsafe conditions. To read Press Release see here.

Cornfeld Tenants' Association Rat Rally held on March 31, 2015

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