Monday, April 20, 2015

Barcibo Enoteca + Their Back Door = Safety Hazard for Residents of both 2020 Broadway and 143 West 69th Street

One of many photos taken while checking out the "safety" of the open back door at Barcibo Enoteca

Barcibo Enoteca at 2020 Broadway has created serious safety concerns for each and every resident of both 2020 Broadway and its sister building 143 West 69th Street.  At the rear of the establishment there is an exit/fire escape door leading to all our fire escapes!!  

I recently spoke with their manager, Mark, about this issue and although he profusely exclaimed: "I monitor that door all the time" -- it is not true. 

Their patrons lounge, smoke, and peep into the apartments of residents! We have photos and videos attesting to this.

One resident contacted me a few days ago regarding a man who had wandered away from the restaurant and onto her fire escape -- where -- in the middle of the night he woke her from her sleep as he stood by her window watching her.

This could have been a home invasion, a rape, or even a murder. 

And just 2 nights ago, when asked, once again to keep the door shut by turning on the air conditioner, Mark's response? "It's too expensive," he shouted as he continues to ignore our pleas for help.

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