Friday, April 3, 2015

Arthur Cornfeld Puts Tons on Rooftop at 143 West 69 Street: Structural Damage, Fire Hazard NO DOB Permit

Evaporative Condenser for Noi Due creating fire hazards and structural issues for
143 West 69th Street / No DOB Permit for rooftop addition. That is condensation pouring out of the
massive piece of equipment and onto our rooftop.

I traced it using the name on the side. BAC. 

It was installed several years ago when the restaurant in the basement was illegally built. This thing has created structural problems for the building. 

On one of the common area floors, it buckled so much the tiles popped out. These tiles were covered over and fixed one week ago.

Everyone can feel the building shake and vibrate when it is on. SOMEONE has a video of his kitchen shaking. I was researching it because I thought it was AND IS a fire hazard -- no one has full range of the roof top. This thing is in the way. And, then, I discovered what it was and what it weighs (tons):

View from 2020 Broadway rooftop

Additional parts built onto the side of 143 West 69th Street

In much the same way that the duplexes built (with no permit from either the Landmarks and Preservation Committee LPD or the Department of Buildings DOB) -- this gigantic piece of equipment is ALSO considered a "rooftop" addition. 

As a rooftop addition it requires a permit. ABC Properties aka Arthur Cornfeld NEVER obtained a permit. And while it is not surprising, it is still illegal and morally reprehensible as he is jeopardizing all tenants with the structural damage already caused by the weight of this monstrosity.

It is clear: Arthur Cornfeld, Alex Cornfeld, and their partners (including Alan Fisher) do not care if they kill their tenants. When one of their illegal actions hurts, maims, injures, or kills us (and others in surrounding buildings), they will collect on their insurance. They will also beat any "manslaughter charges" as they have surrounded themselves with a host of corporate shells.

They will survive. We won't.

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