Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thank you Arthur Cornfeld for our Rat Infestation: Best Rat Landlord Award

Thank you, Arthur Cornfeld, for allowing the three restaurants you've allowed on the property (West 69th Street) to accept their food in the alleyway. Where the open crates lay for hours and where rats are the first to feast on them.

You have given your residents a good reason to call in sick to work and I am sure they appreciate getting a day or two or three off work.

The rats in the alleyway crawling over the food for Noi Due, Barcibo Enoteca and West Side Restaurant carry a grab bag of pathogens including E. coli and salmonella. Some even carry Seoul hantavirus, a disease that can cause hemorrhagic fever and kidney failure. What a guy!

One of your tenants got so sick he had to call an ambulance because of severe gastro pains. He wasn't even able to walk to the corner and get a cab. Perhaps you should pay for his hospital bill.

And one of your handymen was biten by a rat just recently. Guess all the food in the alleyway wasn't enough for that big rat. What a great boss you are. The job perks are so enticing.

Many of your tenants have developed flu like symptoms -- we just didn't know we were allergic to rats. But now we do. As for myself I have developed a chronic allergy, but hey, you've helped the folks who make Kleenex a lot more money! And am sure you will go after them for your portion of the profits.

Once news got out to your restaurant owners, well, they put out traps, hoping none of their patrons got word of the rather amazing rat infestation. Here's the thing though: unless the food is gone, rats are just going to come back. Except for this guy, he's gone. Deader than dead, me thinks.

But, even with one down, and several thousand to go, so don't worry! You will still have won the Best Rat Landlord Award because open food crates, like the following belonging to Noi Due Cafe (143 West 69 Street).

Unattended open crates of food in alleyway in between the 2 Noi Due sheds.

One of many deliveries into the alley. This again for Noi Due. On bottom is fish.

More food left on dirty concrete floor in open alleyway for Noi Due.

Noi Due food crates on concrete floor.

More Noi Due food sitting outside in the rat infested alleyway.
The pineapple was picked up off the filthy ground and taken inside. Who ate this?

All the food sits a couple of feet away from these large rat traps.
One is photographed here.

I am sure the rats are included in the rent we pay. Thanks again!

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