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Owner of Barcibo Enoteca Had It's Village Restaurant Shut Down by the Health Department: Perfect for Vermin

By Andrea Swalec | October 31, 2011 3:15pm - Source DNA
MANHATTAN — The Bleecker Street restaurant and wine bar Bar'rique was shut down by the Health Department Friday after failing a health inspection.
The Health Department found evidence of mice and conditions that were perfect for attracting vermin, according to the city's website.
Inspectors also found that the 263 Bleecker St. restaurant's kitchen kept hot foods at insufficiently high temperatures and cold foods at insufficiently low temperatures.
Bar'rique did not immediately respond to inquiries about its plans.
The restaurant racked up 84 violation points in a Thursday inspection. It then received 21 violation points the next day. The Health Department found flies, evidence of mice, improper sanitation of equipment and inadequate "personal cleanliness" by staff members, the city's website said.

Health inspectors shut down the Bleecker Street restaurant and wine bar Bar'rique on Oct. 28, 2011.
Health inspectors shut down the Bleecker Street restaurant and wine bar Bar'rique on Oct. 28, 2011.

DNAinfo/Andrea Swalec
Under the restaurant grading system the city introduced in July 2010, establishments with 28 or more violation points receive a C grade. The Health Department immediately closes restaurants with "conditions that may be hazardous to public health," according to its website.
Bar'rique is "a global restaurant that focuses on sustainable farms, organic and biodynamic wines," according to its page on Its owner, Lawrence Bondulich, also owns the Upper West Side wine bar Barcibo Enoteca and restaurant Bin 71.
Bondulich's father, Al Bondulich, was the chef and owner of the former West 9th Street restaurant Bondini's, according to Open Table.

NOTE: Nothing about their habits has changed. Barcibo Enoteca is one of the three restaurants that has created a rat infestation at 2020 Broadway and the neighboring building 143 West 69 Street.

Barcibo Enoteca's "illegal" kitchen (Permit for kitchen area was obtained a couple of years after they were allowed to open. Landlord facilitated this. Illegal wiring, illegal gas pipes, no DOB permit)

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