Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Illegal Sheds in Alleyway: 143 West 69 Street + 2020 Broadway

4th, and possibly a 5th shed in alleyway (through door) in basement where
rat infestation has affected both 2020 Broadway + 143 West 69th Street.

After discovering three illegal sheds in the alleyway -- belonging to West Side Restaurant and Noi Due, we thought we wouldn't find any more of them.

While sorting through photographs taken of the shared alleyway - which our landlord, Arthur Cornfeld, has turned into a shared food receiving area for the 3 restaurants, I saw this one tucked away behind a door. 

See first arrow pointing to blue shed. And second arrow is pointing to food pallets that lay on top of rat droppings. No one knows how long any of the food stays on the ground and accessible to the rats, mice, roaches, water bugs, flies, etc. One resident claims it could be as long as 4 or more hours.

Two of the sheds (this one included) belong to West Side Restaurant @2020 Broadway. The other two belong to Noi Due @143 West 69th Street.

Initially we thought one of the sheds belonged to Barcibo Enoteca @2020 Broadway. This is not the case. They do not have a shed. They just get their things dropped off in the alleyway. The same spot where this large rat found his or her destiny.

West Side Restaurant Shed (in alley) near oil (no license by DOB + illegal)

Opposite View of West Side Restaurant shed (where they keep the food boxes for garbage. NOTE: None of the restaurants have their own garbage hauler. They use the New York Sanitation Department illegally and the owner has made this possible by having the garbage of three restaurants mixed in with the residential garbage of the 2 buildings.

These 2 sheds in the back of the alleyway belong to Noi Due. Both are illegal.

Open food crates arrive and are left on the ground where they have created a rat infestation

Noi Due owner (left) and chef (right) standing in between their 2 illegal sheds in the alleyway.

Unattended open crates of food in alleyway in between the 2 Noi Due sheds.

One of many deliveries into the alley. This was for Noi Due. On bottom is fish.

More food left on dirty concrete floor in open alleyway for Noi Due.

Noi Due food crates on concrete floor.

More Noi Due food sitting outside in the rat infested alleyway.
The pineapple was picked up off the filthy ground and taken inside.

All the food sits a couple of feet away from these large rat traps.
One is photographed here.

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