Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fire Safety Hazards: 143 West 69 Street + 2020 Broadway Caused by our Landlord

The following are some photos taken to show the fire safety dangers created by our landlord, Arthur Cornfeld, by allowing the three (3) restaurants to rent additional "illegal" space from him in the open alleyway.

Noi Due's 1 of 2 sheds is built too close to the fire escape.

The wires for the Noi Due shed and restaurant block the fire escape
for the rear of the 143 West 69 Street building.

Another look at the fire escape when the door is shut on the illegal shed.

One of many oil drums in the alley. Wall behind it is seared. Better look at wall is photo below.

The wall over the oil barrel has had a fire. You can see in on the right side of the photo.
Wall of 2020 Broadway damaged by fire.

More flammable grease on oil barrels.

Barrels of Kitchen Grease

No clue as to what this is, except that it looks dangerous

When this area is blocked by the Noi Due chef, owner and workers
it creates a fire hazard for everyone.

Video showing how the rear becomes congested when Noi Due's people are 
working in alley. Complete catastrophe awaiting as no one would be able
 to get away in the event of a fire.

Highly flammable oil drums in the alleyway between 2020 Broadway and
143 West 69 Street

Once the landlord and the restaurants noticed we had photos and videos of the alleyway...the very next day this hazardous looking refuse was sitting out for pick up. Second photo is a close up.

These are all, individually, very disturbing. Collectively, it is a crime. Our landlord has rented space to not one, but three restaurants with the potential of destroying our homes, our lives, and those of our neighbors.

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