Saturday, March 21, 2015

Barcibo Enoteca 2020 Broadway: Trapped Rat

After much effort on the part of the Cornfeld Tenants Association, Barcibo Enoteca @2020 Broadway (and the other 2 restaurants: Noi Due and WestSide Restaurant/diner @143 West 69th Street) began to get serious about putting down rat traps. 

This trapped and dead rat was filmed at 12 noon on Saturday, March 21, 2015. 

I just spoke to an exterminator who told me the 2 buildings are RAT INFESTED. He said the landlord, Arthur Cornfeld aka ABC Properties, only pays for the premises to be exterminated 1x per month and that it is not enough when there is a rat infestation.

Exterminator said FOOD HAS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE ALLEY WAY because it will continue to attract rats. He also suggested that it would help if they were allowed to come to the premises more frequently. It was alarming to discover that this exterminator knew the two buildings have had major health and hazardous concerns for a long time re: the rat infestation.

The traps in the alleyway were recently put there after the Cornfeld Tenants' Association contacted several news organizations.

The NY Post, Daily News, Channel 7 Eyewitness news, and about half a dozen other reporters/news outlets became aware of our rat fest and wanted the story! 

By the time the reporters arrived, however, Cornfeld must have given the restaurants a heads up because for the past week all the food has been quickly disappearing into their respective restaurants.

The newspapers and the TV reporters told us to give them a call "when it gets dirty" back there again. Isn't a dead rat dirty enough?

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