Saturday, March 28, 2015

Arthur Cornfeld aka ABC Properties: Work Without A Permit

2020 Broadway (a landmark building): Arthur Cornfeld illegally built 2 duplexes on top of the roof. 
No permit was obtained  from either the Landmark + Preservation Committee
or the Department of Buildings (DOB)

In the aftermath of the deadly explosion that leveled three buildings in the East Village on Thursday, March 26th -- it should be seared into our minds that any work done in any of the buildings we (tenants) live in require PERMITS.

Stairs built up through roof by ABC Properties aka Arthur Cornfeld w/o a permit.

The Cornfelds "renovate" or create entirely new apartments (such as this 3 bedroom duplex) in all their buildings with NO permit.

Their disdain for the people who occupy their buildings is bewildering at best. These people, the Cornfelds, with their partner Alan Fisher, and Arthur's son, Alex Cornfeld, have recklessly broken the law so often that is has become second nature to them.

What happened in the East Village just days ago cast a bright light on the problem which we all know exists in the buildings we call home where unlicensed workers make repairs or renovations constantly.

Landlord abuse of this sort can no longer be tolerated by any of us. It is clear our lives do not matter to the Cornfelds/Fishers -- which makes it imperative that we become involved in keeping a watchful eye and contacting the authorities when we see them take another chance with our lives.

FOR INFORMATION ON WHEN A PERMIT IS REQUIRED for just kitchen and bathroom work, please see here:

3rd bedroom on the water-logged roof of 2020 Broadway

Landmark and Preservation Commission see here:

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