Sunday, March 29, 2015

Alley Door Finally Locked! Although we Still Have A Rat Farm !!

This door has been open for DECADES.

It is the door that leads to the shared alleyway for the three restaurants: Noi Due, West Side Restaurant + Barcibo Enoteca.

It is the area that our landlord Arthur Cornfeld turned into a RAT FARM.

It is where the Rat Infestation started for both 2020 Broadway and for 143 West 69 Street (as well as our entire block).

Although we KNOW our LANDLORD DID NOT finally have this door LOCKED for our safety -- but rather to keep us from taking any more photos of the RATS, OPEN FOOD CRATES, MASSIVE PILES OF GARBAGE, ILLEGAL SHEDS + MULTIPLE FIRE HAZARDS -- we are still happy to know that at the very least -- some of us won't be getting burglarized.

We still have the rats, though.

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